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Skratch Lessons: How To Warp

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What's up everybody?
I'm SquareWeezy of the Bangers Crew, and
I'm here to teach you guys all about
Ableton, very fun, hip software.
You guys might've been curious about.
We're gonna start with the basics.
The very foundation of Ableton is learning
how to warp.
And what's learning how to warp?
Warping a track consists of like, placing
two little markers.
And once you place those markers, you're
able to move the tempo up,
down, without the, the audio file falling
off a grid.
So, you could take you can mix a really
fast song,
like a song in 120 bpm and bring it down
to 80 bpm, without it skipping a step.
It's very cool to use when you're makin
beats or if you're kinda creating a mix.
So, let's jump into it.
I like to grab all my files from my
You might have a audio folder where you
you might have a drum loop that you wanna,
you wanna warp up.
So, me, I like to use iTunes.
And I wanna grab this song, called Dirty
and just drag into a audio track on
All right.
All right.
And before I hit warp, I wanna set the
master tempo, to whatever bpm the song is.
So if your song is.
80 bpm, you wanna set the master to 80
In this case, my song is gonna be in the
75 range.
So, I'm gonna double click on the master,
right here, type in 75.
And then I'm gonna go to the clip
view here, and then just click on warp.
All right, you guys there?
All right.
Let's go.
All right so, zoom into the first beat in
the measure.
You're gonna take your mouse and put it
over the first warp marker,
at the first gray warp marker, then you're
gonna control-click it.
All right, you're gonna get this little
menu, here and
you're gonna go set 1.1.1 here.
It's basically setting.
This is the first beat, this is the first.
This is the starting point where I wanna
All right?
So, I wanna warp this for four bars.
We're gonna go from bar one, to the end of
bar four.
All right, so let's take a listen.
All right.
So that was the four bars I wanna loop.
So if you look at the place that I have
highlighted here, you see that
the beginning of bar number five kinda
goes into bar number four.
All right?
So you wanna take that first beat, of bar
number five, and just double-click on it.
And then, you're gonna drag it and pull it
All right, let me do that one more time.
I'll undo it.
See how this fourth bar B, right here,
it's gonna be a little bit off the grid.
So, I'm gonna take that yellow wall mark,
I'm gonna slide it back, slide it back.
There you go.
Right there.
So now, I have a perfectly, warped four
bar loop.
All right?
So, let's hear that four bar loop.
I'm gonna highlight from the bar one,
to the end of bar four and I'm gonna hit
apple l.
If you got a pc, it's gonna be control l.
Easy guys check me on that.
All right, so now let's hit play.
All right.
Then three.
All right.
Four and here comes the loop.
Now we got a perfect four bar loop.
All right, so now I could take this four
bar loop, and
I could up it in tempo if I want.
Very cool?
Or I could take that same full bar loop,
and bring it down in tempo.
All right.
So, let's get it back to A.
It gives it a nice little swing.
All right.
And that's the basics.
That's a four bar loop in Ableton Live.
Tune back, for some more advanced