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Skratch Lessons: Self Grounding

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What's going on you guys,
I'm DJ Mass on behalf of QSU and Mass
I'd like to say welcome to another do it
yourself segment here for Technics 1200's.
Today we're gonna be talking about
internally grounding your turntables.
Reasons you might do this just to save
yourself a couple minutes of setup time.
You don't have to worry about those
annoying ground wires.
I've never had issues with them working in
either Traktor Serato or
spinning on vinyl.
You know, this is perfectly safe to do.
It is also reversible if you ever wanna
undo it.
But that's what we're gonna do today.
If you guys don't know how to get to your
ground wire to to the exposure.
And avoid where it's soldered into.
Watch our RCA video show you how to take
the whole turntable apart and
get right to it.
And then, you know, we'll show you how to
go from there.
All right?
Check this out.
Take our ground wire and measure it out so
it's over the lip of the turntable.
I'm going to mark that as a cutting point.
We're gonna cut our ground wire right
And once again, using the smallest insert
on your wire strippers,
we're going to take about a quarter inch
off the top.
We're gonna twist it up.
We're gonna tin it, just like we did with
the other wires.
A little bit, very little bit of solder on
top of the wire.
And that's gonna let it stick to where it
needs to.
Now, as we're looking at it.
Where this goes, is, it's gonna be the
joint that's closest to the tone arm
Which is gonna be your ground for your
right channel.
So we're gonna hold that over, and just
solder it right on top, in the same spot.
Give it a second to dry.
Give it a quick pull check.
Make sure it's not going anywhere.
All right guys.
Well there you have it, how you internally
ground and turn your own turntables.
I hope you found that informative and stay
tuned for more of our videos.