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Skratch Lessons: Several Players 5.2

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okay, I hope you like the idea of this,
this modulation.
And I think it's quite fascinating how you
can blow your own mind by
using scratching for different forms of
music making.
So, and I'm very excited for some of the
upcoming projects of Sarah Ikat.
Okay, some of you have recognized that he
played, in the demo as
the main melody of the song Trans-Europe
Express by the German group Kraftwerk,
who are one of the most important bands,
and precursors of electro music and
responsible for many scratch beats on
better tools.
So please feel free to download the synth
tone of this melody [NOISE].
You can download this [NOISE], and then I
have also prepared, electrobeat for you.
So, oh, this is a very famous electrobeat
I have modulated a little bit.
So and then you can create some new
variations like this here.
So, as you saw, I cant play it so
well I'm not so good at the turntable,
And, yeah.
Okay, as you could see in the demos, Sarah
Kart have modulated,
a little bit, the main melody, of the
Trans-Euro Express by including,
so called tack job performance.
In the following film, you can see this
practical conversion in detail.
So, and now some helpful tips we'll follow
for you so that you can prepare your own
electro performance by using some popular
Basic fundament is the beat, and I took
this from.
So I took this from the dirt style the
look sample.
I think you know this beat very well, and
as you could hear-
I modulate this a little bit by-
By replacing the original kick drum now
with some little baby scratches.
This is one method.
So through which you can create this
typical turntableism electrostyle beat.
So then I took a little bass sample from
this original beat here.
This is this one.
So and
I play this excerpt as an offbeat at all
times after four bars.
I changed the pits, pitch of the bass
template and
then start to play it further, so I will,
I'm going, I'm going to show it right now.
One, two, three, four.
So, and I think this is a cool fundament,
a nice basic to advance or to augment your
electro performance.
So, okay, it comes very handy and
refreshing to enhance your performance
with some convenience acapella from
popular rap groups.
I have used in this case or to stay more a
very famous one by Public Enemy.
So, and the track is called Bring the
I know you know the song and
due to the tempo of near 120bpm, it's very
comftorable for
scratching and for creating some routines
over the electro beat.
For example this is the intro of the song,
Bring The Noise.
is Flavor Flav, the magical Flavor Flav.
So and then when I play the beat.
Yeah, okay.
Try it, freak out.
Try some other cappelas and be the creator
of your own style.
So you can use for training, the samples,
of course, as in every tutorial.
Okay, and this is it.
Bye for now.