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Skratch Lessons: Skratch Techniques 6.1

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So hi there, this is Alex
from berlin welcome to the sixth tutorial
related to the part scratch techniques.
And the content of this film,
built on the content of the third part of
Scratch Techniques,
where we have spoken about so called
tablet pattern.
So now I want to present some methods to
play four
record motions as a tablet and this is
cool I think or there are very many
variations possible and
due to or due to the fact that it's very
difficult to explain a tablet,
I have prepared for you some longer Q&A
So you can watch this and then try to
repeat and with it produce this sequence.
So, at first a little example of a very
famous turntablist,
who plays also a tablet pattern by four
record motion.
His name is DJ Netic, he's from France and
>> It's like two click.
So, okay,
now I will try to break down Netics
pattern to build up and,
our previous knowledge knowledge before we
go into the next pattern.
Like he said in the video,
he actually played a tare pattern which
includes four motions.
In fact, one forward stroke.
[SOUND] And subsequently, [SOUND], three
backward motions.
Aiming at arriving at [SOUND], the start
point and
make it possible [SOUND], to repeat the
whole sequence of the sample.
That makes four motions in total.
So, to be able to better describe this
type of arrangement
of record motions we will work with a code
and for
this combo the code is four, two, three,
That means four motions, one, two,
three, four, in total, and the second, the
third, and
the fourth record motions are counter
movements in opposite to the first one.
Yes, that means a counter movement is in
this case, [NOISE] this is a forward,
the first and the counter movement is
second, third, fourth.
So, this code will help us to explain all
the following pattern quite easy.
We see now on the screen and notational
indication or
an overview of the pattern which I want to
explain in this tutorial.
So okay, let's go back now to the
practical conversion of the sequence.
The difficulty is to play this sequence in
the time value of three motions.
So as a code quartile, yeah?
We play four record motions in a time
value of three.
So this is a irregular rhythm.
So and the regular form.
Will be like this.
Every record motion has a time value of
1/16th in this case and
now I will try to play this full record
motion in a time where you're free.
So and this is a goal.
This is the definition of a tablet So and
when you have master it, you could then
incorporate the two clicker.
Two times and you get down this fantastic
sequence by DJ Netic.
I can't play it and okay, you know what
it's all about.
For training of the record motion, I have
prepared for you a Q&A section for
this type of record motion.