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Skratch Lessons: Red Light District & Salt Water Crabs

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right we're gonna talk about a really easy
scratch to do.
Kind of, I guess, maybe not, mah eee oh
ooo It's called the red light district.
I didn't name it, L-Dog named it of
course, I don't know why.
But, whatever that means.
But anyways, so
what you do is actually let's talk about
this one other scratch first.
Let's, let's talk about salt water crabs,
fresh water crabs.
Yeah okay, we'll talk about fresh water
crabs, so.
[SOUND] So that's, yeah.
This is a, a fresh water crab.
So what I'm doing, is I'm putting my
fingers under here.
And I'm just rubbing this top finger
across these fingers.
[SOUND] See?
So like half of this finger is on the
record, half of it's sticking out to rub
onto these fingers that are inside the
record here, see?
See that?
[SOUND] You can use a one, two
Or two fingers.
Or three fingers.
Or four fingers.
Anyway, so
that's pretty much a freshwater crab.
And a saltwater crab.
If you wanna joke around with people it's
[SOUND] [LAUGH] I don't know why, I think
Happy and D.J. Dido made that up.
saltwater crab, freshwater crab.
All right, so there's this other one,
which this is very similar to that,
you don't wanna-
You're like, hey, I wanna do this [NOISE]
but I wanna use the fader.
How do I do that?
You just like, I guess you can go like
that, right?
But it's pretty difficult, so I came up
with this way.
But I didn't come up with it, L Dog named
it, but I came up with it.
So it's called the Red Light District.
And what you do is you put your thumb over
here, and
you use this as your extra finger.
All right?
So my thumb is on the record, but partial,
part of it is sticking out, and it's
hitting this light thing over here.
Not every turntable has this light thing
But if you do, if it does,
then you're in luck because you can rub
your thumb across there.
[SOUND] You can be careful,
don't stick your thumb out too much cuz
you'll hurt your thumb.
Just stick it out just a little bit so
it rubs a little bit across this light
over here.
Just play around and you'll, you'll,
you'll get it.
So this one, when you got that, then you
can mess with the fader.
It makes really cool sound effects.
So that is the Red Light District scratch,
and the saltwater crab, and
the freshwater crab scratch, all right?