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Clarinet Lessons: Baermann - Etude #18

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The Baermann Etude 18 is very nice because
it is not only a beautiful little etude,
but it helps us to put together a lot
of the things that we were talking
about in terms of finger connections,
and octopus finger use.
Because it puts a lot of
emphasis on the pinkies,
then it helps us to not
be hitting these notes,
which are a little tricky because, since
they have a great distance to go down,
as you can see, you can make a lot
of noise if you're not careful.
By just pressing carelessly.
So what we try to do is
instead of pressing down or
hitting down we try to be
thinking of squeezing.
Squeeze and release.
So one of the things that I like to try
to do is to practice all the finger
exercises there are related in the
Baermann Etudes right before that, okay?
And then try to apply that to
this beautiful music making so
that then it's not some arid exercise.
But that then we can think of playing
with all vowels and no consonants.
So it's [SOUND].
[COUGH] Excuse me.
Pavarotti's still the reigning singer so
I'll give him a chance.
But, I'm not a singer.
But the idea is for
it to be nice and smooth.
compared to.
Do you
hear that?
So that's the kind of stuff
we try to get away from.
And this exercise is very good for
keeping the fingers,
especially the pinky,
in a very good, smooth action.
If you like to submit this Baermann Etude,
here's what I'm looking for.
Beautiful finger legato,
singing in between the notes and
making sure that nothing is broken.
Before you submit your video, be sure to
watch the other video exchanges on this
etude and
see what I've told the other students.
Once you have done that,
submit your video.
I'll take a look and
give you some feedback.