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Clarinet Lessons: Introduction to Curriculum

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Welcome to the clarinet curriculum.
You're going to see several
different parts of the curriculum.
Fundamentals, excerpts, etudes and solos.
The fundamentals lesson block
is not a beginner curriculum.
Instead, this lesson states
the fundamental skills and
ideas important to playing the clarinet.
Even if you are already
an experienced player,
you should go through these lessons.
That way, you'll learn about how
I approach clarinet playing.
You will truly benefit
reviewing these fundamentals.
Also, these fundamental lessons
are there as a reference for you.
Later, when you find you
are struggling with some basic skill,
it is good to go back and
review these fundamentals.
You'll find that every time you go
through them, you'll learn something new.
I have included a huge selection
of orchestral excerpts and
I'll be adding more and more.
I reveal a bunch of little
tricks that will help you in
how to play those excerpts.
I have chosen this set of excerpts because
they are frequently requested in auditions
and competitions and
they represent many technical challenges.
Studying these excerpts is a great
way to learn the clarinet.
In the etudes section, I have selected
some etudes that I believe are important
in order to help us understand the beauty
and virtuosity of the clarinet,
and we will continue adding more and
more as we expand the site.
Also, in the solos, we have started
with the Mozart Concerto and
the Debussy Rhapsody, two great
pillars of the clarinet repertoire
which have numerous challenges and
even more rewards.
If you're not sure how to get started,
submit me a placement video of
something you are working on.
I'll take a look and get back to you
on what you should do to get going.
Also, if you're working on another piece
of music, feel free to submit it and
I'll help you approach it.