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Old Time Fingerpicking
Classic Style Banjo
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Playing Backup
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Hi, my name is Tony Trischka.
And a lot of people have trouble spelling
my name.
And I say it's not that hard, it's just
Welcome to my School of Banjo.
I'm really glad you're here.
We're going to do a lot of teaching, and
lot of learning and I've been playing for
little over 45 years at this point, so
I've had a few years of experience.
I've been teaching since 1970 and finally,
I'm working with Artistworks and
I'm very excited about that because I'm
finally able to get my method
up here in cyberspace, online.
And I'm really happy to be able to be
sharing it with you.
So my entire method is being presented
here through Artistworks, and
I will be adding to it.
And I imagine quite a bit as time goes on
so this will be a con,
constantly shifting thing and we'll all be
learning from each other because there'll
be master classes up here as people send
in their videos and I respond to them.
And so this is a constantly expanding
I'm probably going to be doing interviews
with people and
maybe have some guest artists here and
I'm already very excited to have Noam
Pikelny, one of my good banjos buddies,
who's just a monstrous Banjo players whose
been playing with Chris Thile and
the Punch Brothers.
He's a, the special guest that's on there
right now plus some friends of mine.
We have some concert footage on here just
right off the bat.
So again, you'll be seeing comments from
other students and
you'll be able to learn from them also.
And this is a community of banjo players.
So, it's a really wonderful to interact
with other folks as well as just learning
the material that I've presented here.
And I'm still excited about the banjo.
I've been playing, as I say, for over 45
years and I still get a charge out of it.
I've gotten a huge charge out of preparing
this material for
you that you'll see here.
Because I wanted to have some fresh stuff
in addition to some of the stuff that I've
been teaching for a long time that is
proven and time tested.
So I'm just very excited to have you here
with me.
And I'm sure we'll enjoy working as time
goes on here.
So I hope you enjoy it and I know you're
gonna learn a lot,
and I know you're gonna get better and
better, and
I look forward to interacting with you as
time goes on, and so enjoy the site.