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Banjo Lessons: The Slide: “Boil Them Cabbage Down”

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We're gonna cross the final frontier here
to sounding like true Bluegrass.
And there are, of course, more elements to
But we're gonna add the slide right now.
And this is something that's gonna really
propel you forward in your
Bluegrass quest.
I'm just gonna play this for you first.
We're gonna take all the elements we've
already had for boil them cabbage down and
mixing in the different rolls, but we're
gonna add the slide to it.
So this is what you're gonna be playing
very shortly.
So, here's the slide, here's the lick
you're going to be playing.
Let's break this down now,
you're going to be taking the slide and
mixing it in-
With the alternating thumb roll that
you're already playing on G.
Now with the slide.
Some people slide two to four like that.
But since you're hitting the second string
next, and that's the same note, your B
Then that means you're kind of in
the department of redundancy department,
cuz you're already hitting it once.
So instead of doing that, slide two to
which is what Earl Scruggs tends to do.
And let go.
So as you slide you'll hit this.
The second string.
Let's just try the slide by itself.
Just get across
the second fret and let go.
Let's add it in with a second string so it
thumb, index.
Thumb, index, thumb, index, thumb, index.
Now let's add the rest of the alternating
thumb roll.
Fifth and first.
that's it right there, that's the whole
This is
something you can use for Cripple Creek.
Earl Struggs has a wonderful song called
Shucking the Corn.
Starts like that.
This roll happens 8 million times.
Its basically interchangeable parts.
Earl uses it all over the place.
And, again, here we're gonna be using it
in Boiling Cabbage Down.
So, let's do that now.
We're gonna plug this in, this four note
sequence with a slide.
It'll be two of those.
Instead of just doing
You'll do-
Now, let's go to the C chord.
Remember, we bring the thumb over the
second string.
Quarter note, two forward rolls.
Back to the two slides.
The D seventh, forward backward roll.
Two slides.
Back to the C.
One slide.
One D seventh.
when you're coming back to the slide out
of the D seventh.
Notice your middle finger is already in
it's right position.
You're already on the second fret of the
third string.
So, just slide out of that.
Don't even let go.
So again, the whole thing slowly, and
then one more time fast.
And up the tempo.