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Banjo Lessons: Osborne Roll: Fingering

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Now one thing you may notice,
in, and a lot of people have a little bit
of trouble with this.
It's a l, it's for some reason for
many people it's a little bit awkward to
be moving back and forth.
Between your index and middle fingers like
So if you're going first string,
second string, back to the first.
Just one back and forth like that, or
repeatedly like that.
There's something about it, when you're
trying to build up speed particularly
which is, it's a little bit difficult.
At this tempo it shouldn't be a problem.
But I'll just say it right now, that.
Sometimes you might wanna bring your thumb
across to the second string.
So you can go middle thumb, middle thumb,
middle on the first, thumb on the second,
middle on the first, thumb on th fifth.
If that feels comfortable to you.
It's a li, maybe a little bit stronger
than using the index finger.
Although I would say, for what we're doing
right now it, this.
Not all that fast tempo.
It's okay to go middle, index, middle,
I just wanted to point that out.
As you move along you might remember that,
that you might want to bring your thumb
across once in a while.