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Banjo Lessons: Pull-Offs Part 2: 3-2

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Let's do another really important pull
which is the three to two pull off on the
third string.
And this is the right now, you're,
what you're doing is your gonna pull off
from one fretted note.
To another fretted note.
What you've done so far is pulled off from
a fretted note.
To an open string.
Now what you're gonna do is you're gonna
pull off.
when I say pull off, I mean you could pull
down like this, or you could push up.
Various people do it one or the, one way
or the other.
I tend to push up this way, but
it's still called a pull-off as opposed to
a push-off.
So let's just try a little bit of this.
Pull-off here.
And again, you wanna try to get some of
that snap.
When I pull off this way,
I brush against the fourth string, but I
don't actually activate it.
You wanna try to avoid doing this.
You don't wanna do that.
you might find that you get a better snap
pulling down.
Either is fine, just whatever works best
for you.
So you're pulling off from the middle to
the index.
And you want your index to be there
already on the second fret of the third
string before you pull off to it.
Hear that snap?
let's just do a few of those by
One and two and.
Okay, now let's, right now we've been
treating those just as eighth notes.
Now if we get them going faster.
They become sixteenth notes.
Don't worry about that.
They're gonna go by twice as fast, though,
so you'll have.
What we're gonna do is do the pull off,
and then hit the second string.
You may not be quite ready for this.
You might wanna go back and just do the
eighth note pull ups first.
But when you feel ready, try the double
And just once you pull off to that index,
just keep it there.
Okay, now as we put the slide.
And the alternating thumb, and
the hammer-on into the alternate thumb,
we're now gonna do the pull-off into the
alternating thumb.
we do the pull-off to the second string.
And hold that index down to the last
possible moment.
This is really important.
Then lift it away as you're ready to hit
the third string, and
then the middle on in the first string.
Again, alternating thumb, thumb, index,
thumb, middle.
is a very important character,
characteristic lick.
That Earl Scruggs uses.
And shucking the corn and all over the
It's a very standard and wonderful.
Bluegrass lick.
I'm just gonna do a,
one more little thing here, which is a
three to two, second string, and then.
Rather than just going.
You need to pull off,
to the second string and then pull off
again to the first string.
It's another alternating thumb roll.
It just gives a little more practice
with the pull off.