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Banjo Lessons: Pull-Offs Part 3: “The Old Cat Died”

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let's put these three to two pull-offs to
use in a very cheery tune called
The Old Cat Died.
Another fun old-time tune, even though the
subject material is not fun,
and another tune that I picked up from The
Carolina Chocolate Drops.
[COUGH] And undoubtedly it predated them.
It goes like this.
So it starts off very easily just first
[SOUND] Second string, twice.
[SOUND] Then we just do the pull off.
To the quarter note third string.
Now the two notes.
Now we're gonna bring in the hammer-on.
We're actually gonna integrate the
hammer-on to pull-offs and slides,
the whole thing in this one tune.
Thumb on the third pinch, repeat.
Pull-off up on third,
pull-off up on third of the thumb.
Two notes, two notes again, hammer.
Now you're gonna repeat that hammer-on to
start part B.
the last measure of part A is exactly the
same as the first measure of part B.
Two slides.
Alternating thumb.
[SOUND] Another hammer-on.
I'm just repeating
that first measure again.
Now, there's double pull-off that we did
Integrated into the alternating
thumb roll.
actually if I'm not mistaken, the Carolina
Chocolate Drops probably picked this up
from Joe Thompson, a wonderful African
American fiddler as of this video-izing
here, he's in his 80's, and he's been a
mentor to the Carolina Chocolate Drops.
And it's probably coming from his
So let me play this one more time, full
And here it goes.
It's hard to stop.
Those tunes get played for five minutes at
a time sometimes.
So if you have any questions about this,
just send that video in and
we'll get back to you.