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Banjo Lessons: Working on Speed

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thing that may have attracted you to
bluegrass banjo in the first place
is the speed of the playing.
you may not be playing quite that fast
But one thing that can really help you
build up speed.
Well there are a couple of things.
If you're playing with people, sometimes
just having someone outside of you
playing a fast guitar thing can help you
build up, just to keep up with it.
Usually, you usually need something
outside yourself
if you've kind of hit the wall in terms of
your speed.
You'll need something outside yourself to
bring you to the next level.
If you don't have people to play with,
you can sometimes play along with the
And I've experienced this myself
Just, if I wanna try to play really fast,
I'll take some recording from,
you know, Flatt and Scruggs, from early on
or Bill Monroe from the 40's or something.
And, and just use that as the thing to
push me to keep the speed up.
But a metronome is or, or a drum machine,
is a really excellent way to do this.
And I had one student in particular, that
I remember,
from the beginning to the end of the
lesson, I was able to double his speed.
Or he was able to double his own speed, I
didn't do it for him,
but basically I said, let's find out the
speed that you're playing it at, and
I set the tempo on the metronome at that.
And in this case we're at 132, and let's
say we're doing two notes per click.
Bring this down just a little
bit actually.
[NOISE] Let's bring it to 100.
And he was starting somewhere around 100.
Let's say he was playing Boiling Cabbage
he was just kind of stuck at that speed.
So I said okay, let's just move it up one
Literally one click to 104 on, in the case
of this metronome.
And just continue doing that,
literally one click at a time.
not gonna take the time to go through
every click but by the end of the lesson,
basically he had doubled his speed.
So sometimes you need something outside
yourself to push you.
Cuz speed is definitely something you
wanna be able to get to to do.
And one, one little tip is as you're
playing really fast-
There's a tendency to wanna
just tense up your hand because you're
playing so hard.
But actually, the opposite is what you
should be doing is relaxing your hand.
Cuz by tensing up that impairs your
ability to play quickly.
So, even though it's counterintuitive, the
faster and
harder you play it's nice if you can relax
your hand.
And there are contests.
You can go to the internet and check out
YouTube and
they have people who claim to be the
fastest banjo players alive and,
and they're in the Guinness World Book of
Something you might want to consider.
See if you can beat out whoever's in