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Banjo Lessons: 3-0-2 Lick - “Black Mountain Rag”

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another important sound to add to your
For lack of any better name, I'm just
calling this 3-0-2,
just because you start out with the third
fret of the third, the open, or zero.
Second string.
And the second fret of the first string.
this is a really important part of Earl
Scruggs' sound.
You hear licks like.
And again the very first tune I played in
Scruggs' style was lonesome road blues.
And it ended with that lick.
So I learned it right off the bat.
And it's a nice little sound to get into.
And as a part of this we'll be playing
Black Mountain Rag,
a great old fiddle tune.
And so let's get into this.
Just to start, plant your middle on the
third fret of the third string,
index on second fret of the first string.
And then you can do.
A forward backward roll.
instead of having an open backward roll,
do a backward roll into a pull-off.
So you'll have.
So here's a lick using that little
And this is a great way to start of a,
introduce almost any tune.
As long as it's in, it's in G.
Rolls Gregg
uses this to open up a couple of tunes.
You can use it to start off foggy man
breakdown, or blue grass breakdown,
or lonesome road blues.
That kind of a sound.
So again it's this lick.
Let go of everything.
Pull off.
sure you hit that pinch with the middle
and index fingers.
Don't double the thumb.
Pinch the outside strings.
This is what, what is known as G noise
where it's just a bunch licks.
There's no melody here it's just G noise
but it's great.
And it's really fun to play.
let's get started with let's move on to
Black Mountain Rag.
And we'll be using this lick.
And we'll throw that in and then.
Just go back and
forth between those first two strings.
The index and middle.
Or, if that feels awkward.
You could bring your thumb across to that
first second string, right there, and then
go to the index.
And then try it.
With your middle finger up on
the fifth fret of the second string.
that paves the way for us to do Black
Mountain Rag.
So, I'll play this for you.
I'll start off a little more on the slower
side and then build up speed after that.
Now let's speed it up a little bit.
So, as we're playing this.
Here's our three, zero, two lick.
The fifth fret, pull off, hammer on.
That repeats and then for the B part,
slide, slide, pull off.
Those are four licks all with alternating
thumb rolls.
And there's this again.
Forward to the pull off
Do more alternating thumb rolls and
then the chorus goes.
And the next section goes.
Forward backward roll.
then you do the Foggy Mountain Break Down
On C.
You don't hammer on the first time, but
you do it the second time.
Make sure you get your thumb across to
the second string for that hammer on.
And then you slide.
By bringing your middle finger down on
the second fret of the third string,
sorry, second fret of the second string.
you just start going into forward rolls.
You actually continue forward rolls.
Cuz as you're going the hammer-on here on
That's one forward roll.
Hit the fifth string,
that begins the next forward roll which is
completed by this slide.
And I'm sliding up with the middle finger.
Up five, up to the fifth fret, and as I
get there,
I hit the first string of the fifth fret,
so I've got the middle and ring here.
Forward, forward,
opened up the first string, and
get down to the first fret of the second
string with your index on the left hand.
Then a forward backward roll.
Slide, pull off.
Now this D lick is another one of these
Earl, going in and
out of just holding one position and going
in and out of different rolls.
Forward, backward, forward, backward.
And I kind of look, I sometimes call this.
The blooming flower lick.
Because you start with the thumb on the
third string.
Then it opens up to the fourth string,
to the fifth string.
If you just tune
into what the first string is doing, you
can really hear some of the syncopation.
And now, and
this came up earlier where I've got that
index sitting on the second fret of
the third string, but I need to go into a
So since it's there anyway, rather than
using the middle finger,
I'll just slide with the index.
And here's that C lick again.
Instead of rather than sliding out of it
I'm just pitting an open third string.
pull off.
So one more time for Black Mountain Rag.
So, there's Black Mountain Rag.
And won't you send in a video.
Let me see what you're doing with it.