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Banjo Lessons: More Metronome Work

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do a little bit more with the metronome
now, and let's turn this baby on.
[SOUND] I've got it set at 92.
And we're gonna vary the number of notes,
we play between the clicks, or on the
So let's start playing one note per click.
And let's start with a, alternating thumb
That's one note per click.
You're playing on every single click.
Now let's put two notes per click.
How bout three notes per click?
This'll be a triplet wherein you fret,
get three notes fitting in to the space of
More about that later.
But I'll just do a forward roll for this.
One, two, three, one, two, three, one,
two, three, one, two three.
you do this at home, your loved ones will
kill you, if you do it for an hour.
Now let's go back to the alternating
We'll do four notes per click.
So now we've done one, two, three, and
four notes per click.
So I'll do it two times through each
starting with one going to two going to
three and going to four.
Now, you can mix and match these.
You could go from one to three to two to
Or four to two to three to one, et cetera,
et cetera.
So, I'll just kind of jump back and
forth to give you an idea of how you might
do this
You get the idea.
So just mix and match these.
And work at it for a little bit.
I don't, I wouldn't say I was nailing that
every time.
But if I worked with this four three or
four minutes,
it would really start locking in.
It's just a good way to get used to,
jumping back and
forth in these different ways.
Now, again, I have this set at 92.
You might prefer to have it set at 80.
You might wanna slow it down a little bit.
Now, one more thing.
Let's make this a little bit slower.
This is tricky.
Let me see if I can do this, cold.
If you try to fit
eight notes in the clicks, in between the
I've slowed this down to 72.
I'll do a forward backward roll.
Let's see if I can get it to work out.
I'll have to speed it up a little bit
Let me slow it down a little bit.
You don't want to be playing that fast.
Let's take it at 60.
It's a little easier at that slower tempo.
You're still playing fairly quickly.
It's just another one you can try if you
want to try eight notes per click.
They're gonna have that set at 60, you can
move it down even slower if you wanted to.