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Banjo Lessons: Composition Part 2: Numbers

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Another thing that you can do is take
somebody's phone number and
take those notes and, and turn them into a
I'm not gonna mention names because I
don't, I was,
I was asking the phone number of the fine
folks who, are running this company.
And, David and Patricia.
And they had a zero in their area code.
Zero's kind of a hard number to work with,
so I bailed out on that, and asked for
their birthdays.
And unfortunately, maybe I'm giving too
much away here, but so
one of them, their birthday is July 8th,
So, the numbers, you get from that are
7,8, 59.
The other, the birthday is April 11th,
1954, 4, 11, 54.
So, what I did is I wrote down 7, 8, 5, 9,
4, 11, 5, 4.
Now, each one of those numbers can relate
to a, a,
a note, in the scale.
So, since I'm always thinking about G,
let's say you're in G.
What's the seventh note of the G scale?
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
it's F-sharp, or the fourth fret of the
first string.
The eighth note is G.
The fifth string, then the fifth note.
D and the ninth note, A.
So thus far you have.
And you might wanna move these fingerings
around because I was fretting the, the
first note, the seventh at the fourth fret
of the first string and then I ended up
moving it up here to the seventh fret of
the second string 'cause it worked a
little bit better for what I'm doing here.
So that's one birthday.
And then the next birthday, 4, 11, 54,
I broke down to 4, 1, 1, I'm sorry, 4, 11,
I kept the 11, and then 5, and 4.
So you have 4 which is a C.
The 11 which is the same as
the fourth note.
Up an octave.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
And then five.
D, and then four.
And you put it together and you got.
So, it actually turns out to be a very
pretty kind of a thing.
And then I just changed it at this point.
Take it from the beginning.
I'm sorry.
So that's what I came up with just taking
these two birthdays and stringing them
together and you get a very pretty sound.
So, and again this isn't a completed piece
it gets you li, like an A section and you
can just go off and explore from there.
So that's another strategy.
Take someone's phone number.
And use the numbers, to give you notes of
the scale,
one being the first note of the scale,
five being the fifth note of the scale.
And I happen to do this in G because I'm
so G centric from playing the banjo for
all these years, but you can say I'll try
this in D, or E, or F sharp, or
wherever you wanna do it.