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Banjo Lessons: “Cherokee Shuffle” - Noam Pikelny's Break

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Here's a request from John Stamm,
who is interested in learning Noam
Pikelny's break on Cherokee Shuffle,
which is up on YouTube.
And this is just something he seemingly
just ripped off, off the top of his head.
When I say ripped off, I'm, I mean,
stalled it.
Just, just played it cold off the top of
his head.
And there's some really amazing stuff in
[COUGH] If you can play this, welcome to
I'm not really gonna analyze it that much.
Just kind of play through it and let you
see what you can do with it.
I'll start off a little bit on the slower
side and perhaps stay on the slow side.
One more time.
All right.
There's a lot of great, fairly straight
ahead stuff there.
And then there are some moments where it
gets pretty tricky.
I sent this to Noam to check it over and
make sure it was the way he was doing it.
And he sent back a couple of corrections,
which is what you have here is the
corrected version by Noam.
So this is absolutely, authentically the
way he played it.
Slowing it down a little bit.
Pretty straight ahead to begin with.
Single string.
And then the last two notes of measure
three, [NOISE] make sure you lead it with
your index.
you can end with a middle index pinch,
[NOISE] there.
[SOUND] Slide [NOISE] with a melodic.
[SOUND] Use the pinky, single string
Gradual lick.
[SOUND] Slide.
[SOUND] Pull-off.
I slide with the ring here.
And then [NOISE] index, [NOISE] middle.
Going down like that.
you wrap the thumb around the ninth fret
of the fifth string.
So, [NOISE] and the slide.
Single string,
[NOISE] move up to the tenth fret with the
middle and
add the index on the ninth fret of the
[SOUND] Add the thumb on the ninth fret of
the fifth [NOISE] and
keep the middle where it is.
Add the pinky on the 12th fret of the
first string.
Little melodic descending lick.
That's the tricky part of the A part.
Fairly straightforward melodic.
Go to the, switch to the sixth here.
And then.
Doing a hammer on, pull-off.
[SOUND] To pinky.
Little syncopated [NOISE] for measure 24.
Just throws that slide away.
[SOUND] So [NOISE] for measure 28.
Well, I'm sliding with the pinky.
[SOUND] The triplet, Celtic sounding
And now, you get down to this note here.
Kinda bebop sounding thing.
Slide off the seventh.
And I'm borrowing the seventh fret,
first three strings.
Then I let go of the range.
[SOUND] As I ham, as I do this bar here,at
the seventh fret.
then switch to the Sally Goodin position
[NOISE] at the beginning of measure 35.
All right.
In the performance section of,
of my site there's a whole band version of
this with me, playing along with Noam.
This is not his solo from that, but again
from this YouTube video.
But if you wanna hear the tune with full
band going chugging along,
you can listen to that on the site in the
performance zone.
So that's Cherokee Shuffle by Noam
Good luck.