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Banjo Lessons: E Minor Part 3: “Red Rocking Chair”

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All right.
Here's another lesson playing at E Minor.
And this time instead of doing Pretty
Polly, we're doing Red Rocking Chair.
Just another great old traditional tune.
And [SOUND] if you ever checked out
group of Peter Rowan and Clarence White
and Bill Keith and David Grisman.
Amazing group, they got together back in
the 70s.
I believe it is for a couple of shows, and
did a TV Show.
Anyway, they have a recording out that
features Red Rocking Chair with
Pete Rowan singing just beautifully on it.
And I don't have Pete Rowan's voice but I
will play it for you and then
try to sing it a little but just so you
can get a sense of where the melody is.
There's a Doc Boggs lesson in the, in the,
amongst all these lessons where he does
something on Sugar Babe and
it's virtually the same, same tune just
out of a G modal tuning.
So you might check that out to kind of
cross reference with this one.
This one's just straight E minor.
Just playing off an E minor chord.
Lift off the first string for
the melody note.
Notice the slide pull off routine.
And how well it works against an E minor.
That's a Scruggsy.
In the key of G now.
And again, I'm using the hammer on.
[SOUND] And then the E minor just for
So, slowly and then up to tempo.
One more time.
Now you can also do this down an octave
I love this one.
The melody,.
A lot of this melody is just on
the first string.
If you wanna play it that way.
I jump to the fifth string.
But you could also do.
since the melody on the first string can
also be played on the fourth string.
[SOUND] Since there, these are octaves so.
Let's try that with the melody
on the fourth string, and this is sub for
bars one and two E minor.
This is measure 13.
You can go.
then just go back to the main part of the
So it'll just be those first two measures.
And then into the slide pull off.
If you look
at measure 15, that's a slide pull off
[SOUND] substitute, [SOUND]
substitute for the [SOUND]
two alternating thumb rolls
But what I'm doing is.
Doing a slide, then two forward rolls.
Slide, forward roll with a pull off.
[SOUND] And let go, so.
Instead of.
It's a little more syncopated.
Now as we did with Pretty Polly, this can
also be done up the neck.
Just as you have an E minor chord up here,
[SOUND] you can take it up [SOUND] a whole
you just let me speak English here.
recreating the E minor chord up here.
But rather than doing all this grabbing,
you can just fret the first two strings.
Second string at the the index at the 12th
fret, ring at the first string, 14th fret.
[SOUND] And again, this is Bluegrass
shorthand and
Earl does this all the time where he's
Working off the first, second and
fifth strings primarily.
To get that punchier sound, cuz these
strings are under a little more tension
than say the third or fourth strings.
So, here's the up the neck break.
So let me slow this down.
So that's the whole thing up the neck.
Same melody.
Now without the singing.
Okay, there's some E minor action and
more minor chords and keys to play in as
we move along over the next few months.
Okay, enjoy.