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Banjo Lessons: E Flat: “Whiskey Before Breakfast”

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Okay, here's Whiskey Before Breakfast.
I don't suggest following the suggestion
of the title.
But if that's what you're into, go right
It will wake you up for sure.
So I'll do two As and two Bs.
It's really pretty in E-flat.
That's the thing when you're playing in
these different keys.
Every key has its own flavor and E-flat
certainly has his, has its.
His or hers.
Wanna be gender-specific here.
Anyway, it has a very sweet kind of
quality to it.
So the A part is really, you've pretty
much gone over these positions in
the A tunes you've done so far, and the
scale work in the single string style.
Here I am borrowing
the first three strings again, to get
those two notes.
Borrowing again.
And so forth.
The second ending ends with.
[SOUND] B part.
Bar in the first two strings.
I like to just be,.
[SOUND] Get off that first fret of the
[SOUND] For the separation of notes.
But it's pretty awkward so.
And here's these middle and
index position you've used before.
And now,
I move the index up one fret to get this
mo, chromatic sound.
Back to the original position.
And here's your E-flat minor chord.
I'm sorry, your F minor chord.
the index on the fifth fret of the third,
middle on the second string, sixth fret,
ring on the first string, sixth fret.
Bring the pinky to the eighth fret of
the third string.
And the eighth fret of the fourth,
index on the fifth fret of the third.
now that you're in this position you've
used before.
The index on the sixth fret of the second,
ring on the eighth fret of the third.
Ring and
Jumping to this position down here and
more single strength.
Barring for a moment.
Here it is all put together.
Whiskey Before Breakfast.
All right.
So that's one whole time through.
And you can do that.
There's also a melodic variation you can
do for the A part.
Which sounds like this.
So that's a little variation melodically
speaking [SOUND] Using the ring.
[SOUND] These are all positions you've
already used, ring and index.
Middle and index.
to that position.
That position.
[SOUND] I'm borrowing the first two
strings at the sixth fret.
All right?
Enjoy Whiskey Before Breakfast.