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Banjo Lessons: Snuffy Jenkins Part 2: “Wood Pile”

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All right.
It's over before it starts practically.
That's another Snuffy Jenkins tune along
with Cripple Creek that I did
during my interview with Snuffy in the
mid-80s, and it's called Woodpile.
[COUGH] It's another fiddle tune.
And again, you can see how Earl and Snuffy
were so close together.
And again, they were hanging out in, in
the 30s.
Going to fiddle contests and whatnot
together, so.
And again, this is how he played it in the
mid 80s, but
I know that it was how he was playing it
back then too.
So let me just slow this down a little bit
and play the whole thing slowly.
One A part and one B part, and then I'll
break it down from there.
B part.
So that's the whole thing.
I think it's a really cool, cool thing
and, and it's a tune that you don't hear
in Scruggs style, or let's call it Snuffy
style cuz that really is what it is.
So the A part, very simple, a lot of
quarter notes for a lot of it.
Thumb on the third string,
hit the open fifth string, open first,
second fret of the first.
And you can use the middle on both of
those, cuz they're quarter notes so
it's not like you're gonna have a time
And then it's a forward backward roll.
And you can, I use the ring cuz I use the
ring down here and
then I just slide it up.
If it was Earl, he would probably use.
The middle cuz I know when he does
Cripple Creek.
He uses the middle finger.
I've seen films of him doing that so.
middle or ring up here at the fifth fret
of the first string.
Forward backward and
do a two-to-three slide.
again if you're more comfortable doing a
two-to-four slide, that's find also.
Third measure.
Same two quarter
notes as in the first measure.
[SOUND] Third and fifth, and use the thumb
and the thumb.
And then a forward roll.
And again I'm using the ring here.
And then, it's a forward backward roll,
but it goes across the between the third
and fourth measures.
It's, this is the last half of the third
measure and
the first half of the fourth measure.
So it's-
Forward, backward.
[SOUND] So I think that's kind of
interesting the way he does that rather
than having all in one measure, divides it
up into two measures.
So measure three to measure four is.
Thumb, thumb, forward, backward,
slide to the second second string.
Open third with the thumb.
The end of the fourth.
So that the fourth measure is the second
fret of the fourth.
[SOUND] And the middle, open second and
then you repeat.
Except now in measure six, instead of
sliding as you do in measure two, he just
hits the third fret of the third string.
[SOUND] Which is real funky, I love that
The first four measures and
the second four measures are almost
identical with some minor changes.
Okay, and he puts that space at the end of
measure measure eight.
[SOUND] And goes right into the B part,
which is all E-minor, just,
he just rolls on an E-minor chord.
Quarter note, two forward rolls and
a forward backward roll.
Forward backward roll to a quarter note.
And then move the ring up to the seventh
fret of the first string.
Quarter, quarter, two-eighths.
So the first line, the first four measures
of part B are.
Now the second four measures,
measures 13 through 16 are.
Quarter note, two forward rolls,
forward backward roll, the same as above.
Now two forward rolls in measure 15.
Keep going forward up to the fifth fret,
fifth string.
[SOUND] Seventh fret of the first with the
[SOUND] Quar, and that's a quarter, fifth
string quarter.
[SOUND] Fifth, first.
So, the last four measures of part B,
measures 13 through 16.
And then you go right into the ending.
I love this ending.
It's very simple and, and cool.
So fifth string.
[SOUND] Quarter note.
[SOUND] Second fret of the first, again
you could use the middle or the index, or
I like the ring, it's just the way I do
Open first hammer, zero to two.
And then an alternating thumb for measure
Fifth second slide two to three, or
two to four if you prefer.
To the first open third of the thumb.
so here is Woodpile all put together and
up to tempo.
All right, thank you Snuffy Jenkins for
giving us this music.
All right, enjoy.