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Banjo Lessons: Travis Style Part 2: “Buckdancer's Choice”

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All right, we're continuing on now with
the Travis style.
And a tune called Buckdancer's Choice.
This is a tune that the arrangements I
came up with, the arrangement I came up
with comes partly from one of my students
who played it on the guitar for me,
so I could hear how it sounded.
And then also, Mike Seeger has a version
of it on his Southern Guitar Styles album
for Smithsonian Folkways' his last album.
[COUGH] And I kind of took some elements
of those and adapted them to the banjo.
So this is a little more complicated than
Yankee Doodle,
cuz you're changing chords all over the
And so let me just play it more slowed
Again, it's, it's kind of hard to do this
measure by measure just because you just
sort of have to get that bass thing going.
And again, it's sort of like a piano, it's
like two hands of a piano, bum, bum,
bum, bum, the left hand and the right hand
doing the melody.
[COUGH] I'm sorry, on the piano would be
that way, it's switched here where
the right hand is doing the bass line and
the left hand is doing the melody, so.
I'll just slow it down.
if you look at just what's going on in the
Let's just take the bass for a minute.
With the thumb that is.
Then to the G, this is measure four.
Measure five.
Back to C, F, G, C.
That's the first part, and then part B
you're going C, E, F.
I'm sorry.
C, C, E, A minor,
G, G seventh, C, G,
C, E, this time F.
I'm doing a hammer-on this time.
Just for flavor.
Then F.
And then the melody comes in.
There's a lot of
syncopation in there with notes kind of
falling in between the bass notes.
Same thing there.
melody notes coming between the bass
The B part is
So that's the whole tune right there.
So again on the B part you're doing C
Move the index over,
you're not fretting the first two strings
That gives you an E seventh,
then to an A minor
And then the G seventh for
the ring, I'm using the ring on the third
fret of the fourth string.
And I have the ring off, so
secretly I'm not using the ring.
Till now,
G to the fifth fret of the first string
open, fifth fret.
This time straight to the F instead of the
A minor.
And when I'm playing this F chord, I'm not
fretting the first string because you
don't need it in this particular
And then for a slight variation for
measures four and 12, you can go.
And then the chorus.
D half
So the whole thing put together is
All right.
I love playing that tune.
That's really fun.
And really, try to get a real lilt to the,
the low notes there.
And kinda lean into that and again, with
the melody a little bit louder, but
you really wanna get a nice lilt to the
rhythm, cuz the rhythm's all going on
in the right hand, or at least that
compelling, forward moving rhythm.
All right, BuckDancer's Choice.
I hope you enjoy it.