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Banjo Lessons: “Redwing”

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Redwing, one of my favorite, favorite
tunes of all time I love this song.
It's actually in the beginning of The
Wizard of Oz.
Go back and watch that, and see if you can
hear it.
It's still in, when it's black and white,
and Dorothy is in Kansas, and
I think she's just walking down the road
with Toto Her little dog Toto, and
you can hear in the background the music
playing Red Wing.
Woody Guthrie took this and turned it into
a union song called Union Made.
Which my parents actually had a recording
of and
I grew up listening to Union Made which
was the exact same melody.
And Woody would do that.
He'd take old melodies like Darlin Pal of
Mine which was on.
Foggy Mountain Banjo, although he didn't
use that version over the course, but
it's an old song.
And he, used it for This Land Is Your Land
he also took Union Maiden, put the lyrics
to Red Wing.
This is my arrangement just
pretty straight ahead.
Pinch, forward roll, pinch,
hammer with a forward roll.
And the index comes over.
comes over to the third string.
And then for the C chord.
Kinda like that little lick.
Just index on the second and the forward
Hammer, pinch, pinch.
cripple creek Slide.
Thumb, index, thumb, middle, thumb.
You know, actually,
I didn't play it this way when I just
played it but.
You know, you, you.
You don't have to do it this way but
it's a, technically it's an A chord so I
guess I intended to.
When I wrote this out, to bar the first
three strings of the 2nd fret.
And then quickly.
Actually, it probably makes more sense
just bar all four strings
So, thumb, middle, thumb, thumb, thumb.
And I use the pinky on the 4th fret of the
4th string.
My hand is more comfortable that way.
If you're better,
if your hand feels better using the ring
that's fine too.
And then the little.
I think of this is almost like
a Don Reno lick.
It probably it is from somewhere.
A little single string.
Thumb, index, thumb, index, thumb, thumb,
And that's just repeating.
To the sound of alternate.
And this is the Earl
sort of thing where you.
Where you hit the open third,
and then pinch.
Every other note is a pinch.
And then you go to the C chord.
Forward roll, this is the chorus.
Forward rolls, two, three.
Bring the index in and I'm going.
Bringing the middle and
ring up here to the fifth fret which is
like the barred C except you're
just playing the first two strings there
Forward roll.
Quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter.
Sorry pinch, forward roll, pinch.
Again alternating C.
[MUSIC We're just repeating index and the
index again in the left hand.
Forward roll, pinch.
And there's that standard tag lick.
Which I want you all to know by heart.
I hope you know that by now.
Just throw it right in there.
And so here we go up to tempo.
Red Wing, enjoy.