About Video Exchange Learning

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Interactive Online Learning

Learning online has never been more convenient, effective and fun! It's easy to learn to play an instrument right in your living room, on your own time and at your own pace. Here's what Video Exchange Learning is all about:

YouTube Lessons, DVD’s and downloads abandon the teaching process at a critical time: when the learner needs guidance and feedback.

Students are left stranded when they have a question because there is no one to ask for help.

With Video Exchange™, online learning also includes getting a video response from an experienced teacher. Students can ask questions directly and show their instructor where they are struggling by sending in a video. In turn, they will receive a Video Response from their teacher who gives them guidance on what to work on next in order to improve. Unlike Skype lessons or other real time video chats, you don't have to be in the same time zone as your online teacher and you can work on your video as long as you need before you upload it. No prior experience or minimum skill level is required. Students not only benefit from their own exchanges, but can see the other Video Exchanges within their school. It's an ever expanding resource for everyone to learn online from. You can watch all the videos on your tablet or smartphone too.

Each of our online learning schools include multiple social features that allow students to easily interact with each other. Blogs, Chat and Forums unite online learners of all ages and skill levels and complement the most effective and easy way to learn online today. We have many study materials like notation, tablature, transcriptions, backing tracks and practice charts to help support your online learning. Multiple camera angles are used so you can see everything the teacher is trying to point out - it's even better than in person. You can also use the slow motion versions of the online lessons to get down to the important details!

All you need is the desire to play!