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How to Choose a Violin for Beginners
Jun 19

violin for beginnersIt was the year 2004: I was 9 years old and my older sister was 13. We had both been playing piano for several years and now my sister wanted to try out the flute. I, being the stubborn little sister, also had to leave the music store with something of my own though of course. So I carefully inspected the store for something that resonated with me.

Spoiler alert - I play the violin to this day. So you can guess that I ended up going home with a violin that day ten years go. My grandfather bought me a half size violin for less than $100. The bow was so cheap they gave it away for free with the case.

By the time I “graduated” from that ½ size violin, I had given it countless scratches, spilled orange juice, and even thrown it out of frustration. Back then, I could barely play anything, nothing I played sounded acceptable. As a result, I did not have any appreciation for the instrument. I can definitely say that a $1000 violin during my first years of learning the violin would not have changed my experience, nor influenced the quality of musician I am today.

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