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"The Contemporary Vocalist" Author
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Learn Online with Singing Lessons from Jeannie Deva

Jeannie Deva has taken her entire knowledge of teaching people how to sing and poured it into a comprehensive video library that includes hundreds of vocal lessons. Subscribers get unlimited access to all online vocal lessons, plus a community of singers from all over the world.

What ultimately sets these vocal lessons apart from other online offerings however, is the ability to submit a video using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange® learning platform. Jeannie reviews each submission and records a video response where she offers tips and techniques to practice. All students can access the Video Exchange library, which is always expanding and may contain the key to unlock your own singing.

Top Quality Vocal Lessons

  • 100s of singing lessons at your own pace
  • All levels and styles of singers welcome
  • Slow Motion Isolation and Video Looping
Video Exchange® Learning

  • Submit practice videos to Jeannie Deva
  • Get custom feedback on your voice
  • Practice her advice and improve
Worldwide Community

  • Connect with students around the world
  • Learn from everyone’s Video Exchanges 
  • Stay motivated to progress your singing

Jeannie Deva Vocal Lessons

Click a lesson category below to explore the curriculum
  • Getting Started
  • Vocal Warm-Ups & Cool Downs
  • Quick Fix Exercises
  • Singing Songs Better
  • Keeping Your Voice Healthy
  • The Secrets to Natural Breath Control
  • Singing Secrets
  • Freeing Your Voice
  • Expanding Your Range
  • Building Your Voice
  • Working With Style
  • Singing Embellishments
  • Song Performance & Development
  • Auditions
  • Working With Your Mic and Sound Equipment
  • Harmony & Group Singing

Getting Started

  • Welcome to the Vocal School
  • “Right” Versus “Wrong” Vocal Technique
  • Using Songs as Warm-Up's -NEW!
  • How to Use the School - Site Tour
  • Where to Start, What to Practice

Vocal Warm-Ups & Cool Downs

  • Practice Routine 1 -NEW!
  • Basics: Warm-Ups Versus Exercises & Songs
  • What Are Cool Downs?
  • Exercise 1: Seven Step Massage
  • Basics: Your Tongue
  • Exercise 2: Ice Cream Lick
  • Exercise 3: Tongue Roll
  • Exercise 4: Serpent Tongue
  • Exercise 5: The La-Ga Series Part 1
  • Exercise 6: The La-Ga Series Part 2
  • Introduction to the N and NG Slides - Exercise 7 and 8
  • Exercise 7: N Slides
  • Exercise 8: NG Slides
  • Exercise 9: Melodic Tongue Stretch
  • Exercise 10: Tongue Release
  • Exercise 11: Lip Trills
  • Your Next Step

Quick Fix Exercises

  • Practice Routine 2 -NEW!
  • Introduction to Quick Fix Exercises -NEW!
  • Exercise 1: Reducing Vocal Strain -NEW!
  • Exercise 2: Improving Vocal Range & Flexibility - Lip Trills -NEW!
  • Exercise 3: Developing Vocal Range & Resonance - Nose Buzz -NEW!
  • Exercise 4: Enhancing Vocal Range & Tone - Oow -NEW!
  • Exercise 5: Connecting Vocal Range & Tone - Hmm -NEW!
  • Quick Fix Exercises - Submit Song

Singing Songs Better

  • Practice Routine 3 -NEW!
  • Are You Breathing Correctly?
  • Improving Breath Management -NEW!
  • What About Your Stomach?
  • Exercise: The Singing Breath -NEW!
  • Rib Cage Exercise 1
  • Using Songs as Warm-Ups -NEW!
  • Using the Melody
  • What's Air Overblow?
  • Basics: Your Lips
  • Exercise: Liberating Your Lips and Enhancing Resonance with a Song
  • Exercise: Strengthening Your Voice in a Song - Lip Trills & Single Vowels
  • Exercise: Improving Pitch & Resonance in a Song – Nose Buzz & Scrunch
  • Lip Trills: Limbering Your Voice With a Song -NEW!
  • Basics: Improving PItch and Vocal Ease with a Song
  • Vocal Resonance & Ease: Applying Nose Buzz to a Song -NEW!
  • Vocal Tone & Ease: Applying Trumpeted Oow to a Song -NEW!
  • Exercise: Smoothing Out Range & Tone in a Song - The Trumpeted Oow
  • Pitch Accuracy: Singing the Vowels Technique -NEW!
  • Exercise: Singing the Vowels
  • Song Phrasing & Timing -NEW!
  • Song Phrasing & Dynamics -NEW!
  • Exercise: Balancing Singing with Vocal Technique
  • How Long to Practice, When to Move On

Keeping Your Voice Healthy

  • Best Singer Foods and Drinks
  • What is Vocal Care? Keeping Your Voice in Good Condition
  • Remedy: How to Steam Your Voice
  • Singing with a Cold
  • Harmful Elements and Foods to Eliminate or Avoid
  • Physical Exercise and Weight Training for Singers
  • On the Road – Care and Precautions

The Secrets to Natural Breath Control

  • Practice Routine 4 -NEW!
  • Basics: Natural Breath Control
  • Breathing Versus Vocal Sound
  • Orientation to Your Instrument
  • How to Develop and Use This Technique
  • Rib Cage Exercise 2
  • Rib Cage Exercise 3
  • Your New Practice Routine and Tips
  • Moving Forward in this Program

Singing Secrets

  • Your Voice, Your Instrument
  • Classical Versus Contemporary Singing and Technique
  • The 12 Stages of Developing as a Singer
  • Listening vs. Hearing - Improving Vocal Tone -NEW!

Freeing Your Voice

  • Practice Routine 5 -NEW!
  • The Mind-Body Connection
  • Resolving Traditional Confusions
  • Head Voice, Chest Voice - What’s it All about?
  • The "What If" Approach
  • Important: Vocal Exercise Information and Tips

Expanding Your Range

  • Practice Routine 7 -NEW!
  • Basics: What is Register Break? Achieving a Multi-Octave Range
  • Are You Straining to Sing?

Building Your Voice

  • Practice Routine 8 -NEW!
  • Rib Cage Exercises…How Much Longer?

Working With Style

  • Practice Routine 9 -NEW!
  • Musical Style Versus Singing Style
  • Studying Other Singers
  • Basics: Pronunciation and Vowels
  • Working with Shadow Vowels
  • Singing the Blues -NEW!

Singing Embellishments

  • Practice Routine 10
  • Riffs, Runs & Embellishments
  • Embellishment Basics

Song Performance & Development

  • Choosing the Right Song
  • Applying Rib Cage Expansion Technique to Singing Songs
  • Eleven Essential Elements to Learning a Song
  • Balancing Singing with Vocal Technique
  • Got Stage Fright? -NEW!
  • Song Performance Video Submission Guidelines


  • Introduction to Auditions
  • Instructions: Audition Preparation
  • Bringing It to the Judges
  • The Many Different Kinds of Auditions
  • Choosing the Right Songs
  • Eleven Essential Elements to Learning a Song
  • How to Gauge if You’re Ready for Your Audition
  • Hints About Performing on Camera
  • Using Your Time at the Audition
  • Recuperating IF You Don’t Win

Working With Your Mic and Sound Equipment

  • Turning Your Voice Electric
  • Microphone Technique
  • Finding the Right Microphone
  • Caring for Your Microphone

Harmony & Group Singing

  • Singing Harmony 101 -NEW!
  • Exercise: Tuning Your Ear to Harmony -NEW!
  • What is Vocal Blend? -NEW!
  • Exercise: Singing Harmony & Blend -NEW!
  • Getting Started with a Harmony in a Song -NEW!
  • Singing Harmony: Finding Your Note, Holding Your Own -NEW!
  • Singing Harmony: Pronunciation & Rhythm -NEW!
  • Singing Harmony: Matching Dynamics -NEW!
  • Singing Harmony: Coordinating Breathing -NEW!
  • Introduction to 2 Part Harmony -NEW!
  • Singing Parallel Harmony -NEW!
  • Singing Oblique Harmony -NEW!
  • Singing Counter Harmony -NEW!

Reviews for Online Singing Lessons with Jeannie Deva

  • "I am really happy about Jeannie's vocal school, it is far better than I expected it would be. It actually gives people the opportunity to get the highest quality one on one vocal instruction for an extremely reasonable price as well as being very accommodating on a person’s schedule."Michelle
  • "I was leading songs at a bluegrass jam yesterday and it feels like all the ingredients are starting to blend. I could really feel the resonance as I sang. I've also been "using the vowel" to accurately learn the melodies to the songs we sing and it is making SUCH a difference. It's really exciting to be on this path! "Larry
  • "Since I started doing the rib cage exercises regularly, I have noticed a difference in my voice: it feels easier to sing without using much effort, my voice sounds fuller and more resonant, I've got more control. I'm so glad this is happening!"Linda
  • "I have listened and practiced the first 5 vocal lessons and I have already seen results! How is this quick? I'm really blessed to have the opportunity to be taught by Jeannie and to see that music is loved by many people."Judive
  • "I just want to say that this is a tremendous opportunity to study with a truly great vocal coach, Jeannie Deva. The site as a whole is such a wonderful, and affordable, resource for education, communication and new experiences. I am so thrilled that this exists!" Jessica Severens
  • “I wanted to tell you that your lip trills and vocal exercises have really improved me greatly to the point where I’m singing rock like how I always dreamed – in my personal style as well.”Sharmeka
  • "My voice feels free. Even the higher notes come out easily. I even tried singing a Celine Dion song that I had been struggling with. The freedom I feel when the sound comes out is unbelievable and I know it's only the beginning."Sarah
  • "Never in my life did I ever think I could learn to sing or that I would be singing in front of people, it's so cool. I am so humbled to have this going on in my life. I am so excited every day about this."Dana M
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About Jeannie

Jeannie Deva is recognized as one of the top Voice and Performance Coaches in the world today. She has helped thousands around the world to improve their vocal performance. Her clients include Grammy Award winners, Finalists on The Voice, America’s Got Talent and American Idol, Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), Multi-Platinum recording artists including Felicia Howes, Patty Griffin and Dar Williams, singers for Christina Aguilera, Elton John, Celine Dion, Pink and Stevie Wonder, Latin Music Superstars Emanuel, Ruddy Rodriquez and Ana Victoria, leads in Broadway’s Wicked, Color Purple, Lion King, award winning choirs and choir directors for Sweet Adeline’s International and many others.

Editors’ Choice Review says: “If you’re looking for a way to better yourself vocally, The Deva Method is right on target.” Dale Kawashima, music publishing exec [Michael Jackson, Prince, Sony Music and Motown] proclaims: “Jeannie Deva is one of the nation’s most respected vocal coaches.” Performer Magazine calls Ms. Deva’s method: “the closest thing to getting cosmetic surgery for your voice.” Basements to Backstage Magazine says: “You owe it to yourself to study with a master and the Master I want to introduce is Jeannie Deva!” LA Splash Magazine advises: “If you have studied with other teachers or methods and still have unresolved issues with your voice, you owe it to yourself to get help from Jeannie Deva.”

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