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2 New Bryan Lessons: "Forked Deer" and "I Am a Pilgrim" Are Now Available!

Bryan visited the ArtistWorks studios recently to record a massive new batch of lessons teaching tunes at three levels of challenge! Available today is the classic fiddle tune “Forked Deer” as well as the traditional favorite “I Am a Pilgrim" with lessons added to the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced sections (6 new lessons in all.) The Basic versions all include analysis of playing the rhythm as well. Backing tracks at multiple tempos and tablature are provided in the study materials to help you find the notes. These are very comprehensive lessons and these 2 songs alone total to over 40 new videos! You can access the new lessons by using the links below, or finding them in their respective skill level tabs in Bryan’s lessons. More new lesson series like this will be added to the site in the coming months so stay tuned. Enjoy, and happy picking!

Lesson List

Forked Deer:

"Forked Deer" (Basic)

"Forked Deer" (Intermediate)

"Forked Deer" (Advanced)

I Am a Pilgrim:

"I Am a Pilgrim" (Basic)

"I Am a Pilgrim" (Intermediate)

"I Am a Pilgrim" (Advanced)