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Singing Lessons
with ArtistWorks Vocal School

ArtistWorks has crafted the definitive voice training lesson archive with hundreds of online video lessons. Students have unlimited access to in-depth singing instruction, vocal exercises and study materials. Improve your singing with these master voice lessons.

 Range expansion lessons  Breathing exercises

ArtistWorks Vocal Course

What You'll Learn

What ultimately sets these vocal training lessons apart from other offerings is the library of videos submitted by students using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning® platform. Jeannie reviewed each submission and recorded a video response, offering specific guidance to the student to take their singing to the next level. All students can access the Video Exchange library and watch these interactions with the instructor. This comprehensive archive, combined with a library of guided, high quality video lessons, may contain the key to unlock your potential.

Top Quality Voice Lessons

  • 100s of singing lessons at your own pace
  • All levels and styles of playing welcome
  • Slow Motion & Looping on videos

About Jeannie Deva

Jeannie Deva helped thousands around the world to improve their vocal performance as one of the top Voice and Performance Coaches in the world. Her clients included Grammy Award winners, multi-platinum recording artists and leads in iconic Broadway shows. She was a member of the Grammy committee, published author, clinician, vocal producer and founder of The Deva Method® used by singers and voice teachers around the world. As a session vocal coach she worked with producers and engineers for such luminaries as Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, The Cars and Amy Winehouse. Jeannie taught at ArtistWorks until she passed in 2016.

Singing Lessons

Getting Started

Welcome to the Vocal School
“Right” Versus “Wrong” Vocal Technique
Using Songs as Warm-Up's -NEW!
How to Use the School - Site Tour
Where to Start, What to Practice
Placement - Video Exchange Library
Miscellaneous - Video Exchange Library

Vocal Warm-Ups & Cool Downs

Practice Routine 1
Basics: Warm-Ups Versus Exercises & Songs
What Are Cool Downs?
Exercise 1: Seven Step Massage
Basics: Your Tongue
Exercise 2: Ice Cream Lick
Exercise 3: Tongue Roll
Exercise 4: Serpent Tongue
Exercise 5: The La-Ga Series Part 1
Exercise 6: The La-Ga Series Part 2
Introduction to the N and NG Slides - Exercise 7 and 8
Exercise 7: N Slides
Exercise 8: NG Slides
Exercise 9: Melodic Tongue Stretch
Exercise 10: Tongue Release
Exercise 11: Lip Trills
Your Next Step

Quick Fix Exercises

Practice Routine 2 -NEW!
Introduction to Quick Fix Exercises -NEW!
Exercise 1: Reducing Vocal Strain -NEW!
Exercise 2: Improving Vocal Range & Flexibility - Lip Trills -NEW!
Exercise 3: Developing Vocal Range & Resonance - Nose Buzz -NEW!
Exercise 4: Enhancing Vocal Range & Tone - Oow -NEW!
Exercise 5: Connecting Vocal Range & Tone - Hmm -NEW!
Quick Fix Exercises - Submit Song

Singing Songs Better

Practice Routine 3 -NEW!
Are You Breathing Correctly?
Improving Breath Management -NEW!
What About Your Stomach?
Exercise: The Singing Breath -NEW!
Rib Cage Exercise 1
Using Songs as Warm-Ups -NEW!
Using the Melody
What's Air Overblow?
Basics: Your Lips
Exercise: Liberating Your Lips and Enhancing Resonance with a Song
Exercise: Strengthening Your Voice in a Song - Lip Trills & Single Vowels
Exercise: Improving Pitch & Resonance in a Song – Nose Buzz & Scrunch
Lip Trills: Limbering Your Voice With a Song -NEW!
Basics: Improving PItch and Vocal Ease with a Song
Vocal Resonance & Ease: Applying Nose Buzz to a Song -NEW!
Vocal Tone & Ease: Applying Trumpeted Oow to a Song -NEW!
Exercise: Smoothing Out Range & Tone in a Song - The Trumpeted Oow
Pitch Accuracy: Singing the Vowels Technique -NEW!
Exercise: Singing the Vowels
Song Phrasing & Timing -NEW!
Song Phrasing & Dynamics -NEW!
Exercise: Balancing Singing with Vocal Technique
How Long to Practice, When to Move On

Keeping Your Voice Healthy

Best Singer Foods and Drinks
What is Vocal Care? Keeping Your Voice in Good Condition
Remedy: How to Steam Your Voice
Singing with a Cold
Harmful Elements and Foods to Eliminate or Avoid
Physical Exercise and Weight Training for Singers
On the Road – Care and Precautions

The Secrets to Natural Breath Control

Practice Routine 4 -NEW!
Basics: Natural Breath Control
Breathing Versus Vocal Sound
Orientation to Your Instrument
How to Develop and Use This Technique
Rib Cage Exercise 2
Rib Cage Exercise 3
Your New Practice Routine and Tips
Moving Forward in this Program

Singing Secrets

Your Voice, Your Instrument
Classical Versus Contemporary Singing and Technique
The 12 Stages of Developing as a Singer
Listening vs. Hearing - Improving Vocal Tone -NEW!

Freeing Your Voice

Practice Routine 5 -NEW!
The Mind-Body Connection
Resolving Traditional Confusions
Head Voice, Chest Voice - What’s it All about?
The "What If" Approach
Important: Vocal Exercise Information and Tips

Expanding Your Range

Practice Routine 7 -NEW!
Basics: What is Register Break? Achieving a Multi-Octave Range
Are You Straining to Sing?

Building Your Voice

Practice Routine 8 -NEW!
Rib Cage Exercises…How Much Longer?

Working With Style

Practice Routine 9 -NEW!
Musical Style Versus Singing Style
Studying Other Singers
Basics: Pronunciation and Vowels
Working with Shadow Vowels
Singing the Blues -NEW!

Singing Embellishments

Practice Routine 10
Riffs, Runs & Embellishments
Embellishment Basics

Song Performance & Development

Choosing the Right Song
Applying Rib Cage Expansion Technique to Singing Songs
Eleven Essential Elements to Learning a Song
Balancing Singing with Vocal Technique
Got Stage Fright? -NEW!
Song Performance Video Submission Guidelines


Introduction to Auditions
Instructions: Audition Preparation
Bringing It to the Judges
The Many Different Kinds of Auditions
Choosing the Right Songs
Eleven Essential Elements to Learning a Song
How to Gauge if You’re Ready for Your Audition
Hints About Performing on Camera
Using Your Time at the Audition
Recuperating IF You Don’t Win

Working With Your Mic and Sound Equipment

Turning Your Voice Electric
Microphone Technique
Finding the Right Microphone
Caring for Your Microphone

Harmony & Group Singing

Singing Harmony 101 -NEW!
Exercise: Tuning Your Ear to Harmony -NEW!
What is Vocal Blend? -NEW!
Exercise: Singing Harmony & Blend -NEW!
Getting Started with a Harmony in a Song -NEW!
Singing Harmony: Finding Your Note, Holding Your Own -NEW!
Singing Harmony: Pronunciation & Rhythm -NEW!
Singing Harmony: Matching Dynamics -NEW!
Singing Harmony: Coordinating Breathing -NEW!
Introduction to 2 Part Harmony -NEW!
Singing Parallel Harmony -NEW!
Singing Oblique Harmony -NEW!
Singing Counter Harmony -NEW!


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