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When it comes to playing the saxophone, the mouthpiece is one of the most crucial components affecting your sound and playability. Choosing the right mouthpiece can significantly enhance your performance, making it essential to understand the factors involved in finding the perfect fit for you. In this blog, we'll explore what to look for in saxophone mouthpieces, including size, build quality, shape, material, and brand. We'll also explain the differences in mouthpieces for soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. Additionally, we'll highlight the benefits of saxophone lessons from a master like Eric Marienthal, whose online lessons at ArtistWorks provide invaluable insights into jazz saxophone music.
Jun 18, 2024
The ukulele, with its joyful tones and island vibes, has become a popular instrument for beginners and seasoned musicians alike. Whether you're inspired by Hawaiian music or simply want to explore a new hobby, finding the right ukulele is crucial to your musical journey. Here’s a detailed guide on what to look for in your first ukulele, the different body sizes, and the benefits of professional ukulele lessons from masters like Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel.
Jun 17, 2024
As an advanced bluegrass guitarist, mastering essential licks is crucial to elevate your playing and bring a distinctive flair to your performances. This blog will explore some must-know licks for flatpicking enthusiasts and how studying with master guitarists like Bryan Sutton, Chris Eldridge, and Tyler Grant at ArtistWorks can refine your technique and expand your repertoire.
Jun 13, 2024
The bluegrass banjo is a versatile and expressive instrument, capable of producing intricate melodies and captivating solos. Whether you're inspired by the legendary Tony Trischka, the innovative Alison Brown, or the virtuosic Noam Pikelny from Punch Brothers, mastering advanced soloing techniques can elevate your playing to new heights. In this blog, we'll explore some advanced techniques for soloing on the bluegrass banjo, along with insights on how to improve your skills through dedicated practice and online banjo lessons.
Jun 11, 2024
This morning, bluegrass icon and ArtistWorks banjo instructor, Tony Trischka, released his brand-new, long-anticipated album, Earl Jam: A Tribute to Earl Scruggs. To accompany this exciting album release, Tony has published a handful of new lessons on his online banjo course here at ArtistWorks teaching tunes and arrangements directly from the Earl Jam record.
Jun 07, 2024
This morning, we published nine brand new online guitar lessons to Jared James Nichols’ blues rock guitar course at ArtistWorks.
Jun 04, 2024
Last week, we published thirty-nine brand new online bass lessons on Stu Hamm’s electric bass course at ArtistWorks.
Jun 03, 2024
On Wednesday, June 5, 2023, at 1:30 pm PT / 4:30 pm ET, ArtistWorks will be hosting a free virtual live-streamed event featuring two of our world-renowned electric guitar instructors: Paul Gilbert and Jared James Nichols.Together, these two guitar titans will be discussing all things music, sharing exclusive performances, and answering viewer questions in real-time. So, if there’s a question that you’ve been dying to ask either of these guitar masters, now’s the perfect time to get it answered!SIGN UP HERE to RSVP for the event, receive FREE sample guitar lessons, and enter for your chance to WIN a Paul Gilbert Signature Ibanez PGM50 Guitar OR a Seymour Duncan JJN Signature P90 Silencer Pickup Prize Pack!Tune in here on June 5, 2024, at 1:30 pm PT / 4:30 pm ET to catch the event live:ABOUT THE LIVE-STREAM EVENT:The Virtual Rock & Blues Guitar Roundtable promises an exciting and engaging experience for guitar players and music lovers alike. The event will feature:Live performances: Witness breathtaking guitar mastery as both Paul and Jared showcases their unique skills and signature styles in individual performances.In-depth discussions: Learn from the pros as they delve into the secrets of their guitar techniques, share stories from their careers, and discuss the future of guitar playing.Q&A sessions: Have a burning question for either one of the artists? This is your chance to get answers straight from the source during interactive Q&A sessions.Giveaway Prizes: Sign up to RSVP for the event, receive FREE sample guitar lessons, and enter for your chance to WIN a Paul Gilbert Signature Ibanez PGM50 Guitar OR a Seymour Duncan JJN Signature P90 Silencer Pickup Prize Pack!Now, let’s get acquainted with our star-studded lineup:Paul GilbertPaul Gilbert is a renowned American guitarist celebrated for his technical prowess and versatility, co-founding influential hard rock bands Mr. Big and Racer X. He gained widespread recognition with hits like "To Be with You" and has released numerous solo albums showcasing his virtuosity across various musical styles. Gilbert is also a respected guitar instructor, contributing to the development of aspiring musicians through his instructional videos and clinics. His influence extends beyond his performances, making him a pivotal figure in the world of guitar music.Jared James NicholsHailing from Wisconsin, Jared James Nichols is a powerful blues-rock guitarist known for his raw, emotive playing style. With his signature “Blue Power” technique, Nichols has captivated audiences worldwide and shared the stage with legends such as ZZ Top, Buddy Guy, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.ABOUT ARTISTWORKS:ArtistWorks online music lessons are recorded and taught by more than 40 world-renowned master musicians who not only have rich musical legacies but also have a deep passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge.Through the ArtistWorks platform, students have the unique opportunity to both learn at their own pace and also interact with and receive feedback from our faculty of master teachers in the form of Video Exchanges. ArtistWorks' patented Video Exchange Learning® platform allows students to submit questions to our master faculty in the form of a video, and our instructors then create personal video responses full of guidance, encouragement, and critical next steps to facilitate improvement.Our teachers also provide notation, tablature, backing tracks, and other amazing supplemental materials to round out their holistic curricula in each course. Students can learn anything from electric and acoustic guitar to banjo, piano, mandolin, fiddle, saxophone, ukulele, how to sing—just about any instrument you can think of. And, our esteemed faculty can teach you how to play everything from bluegrass to jazz to rock to blues to classical and beyond.Sample some free music lessons here and see what makes ArtistWorks courses some of the best online music lessons around!READ MORE:Mastering Rock Solos: 10 Must-Learn Pieces for Intermediate GuitaristsRock Guitar Lesson: String Skipping with Paul GilbertMaster Your Guitar Sound: 5 Must-Have Effects for Rock and Blues Players
May 31, 2024
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