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In this week’s episode of the ArtistWorks Music Series podcast, Grammy Award-winning musician and boundary-pushing harmonica player, Howard Levy sits down to interview two of his biggest musical influences—his parents. Together, Howard, his father Ira, and mother Arlene explore their family’s musical heritage. They discuss Ira’s passion for singing and career as a vocalist, the broadway musical Arlene wrote, the details of how they inspired Howard to pursue a life in music, and more. The show is available wherever you listen to podcasts, or you can listen here at ArtistWorks.
Jan 20, 2022
Generally speaking, western music is comprised of three primary elements: melody, rhythm, and harmony. Most of us, regardless of our experience level as musicians, understand the concepts of melody and rhythm. A melody is a song’s linear musical theme, and rhythm is the pattern in which notes fall in time. Harmony, however, is a slightly more complicated concept to grasp, and perhaps requires a bit more investigation to understand.
Jan 19, 2022
This Wednesday, January 19, 2022, world-renowned mandolinist, Grammy-nominated musician, and ArtistWorks bluegrass mandolin instructor, Mike Marshall kicks off a two-and-a-half week tour with legendary upright bassist Edgar Meyer, mandolin icon Sam Bush, and Edgar’s son and violin virtuoso, George Meyer.
Jan 17, 2022
As you begin learning to play the electric guitar, there are a series of essential guitar chords that every first-time player should practice and get under their fingers. These chords are called the “open position” chords, and are used in countless rock and roll classics written across decades.
Jan 13, 2022
AritstWorks was founded in 2008 with a vision of providing anyone, anywhere in the world with affordable, interactive access to some of the greatest music teachers on the planet. Our mission is to "Teach the World Music," and through our comprehensive online music lessons, patented Video Exchange Learning® platform, and faculty of master musicians, we believe we’re succeeding.
Jan 11, 2022
While 2021 was in many ways similar to 2020, we're thankful to have had a great year with much exciting forward progress. More importantly, we’re thankful we could provide a musical oasis for our students and be an outlet for their exploration and creativity!
Jan 10, 2022
This morning, award-winning master guitarist, former member of the Stanley Turrentine Quintet, and ArtistWorks jazz guitar instructor, Dave Stryker, released his 34th record as a bandleader entitled As We Are. While there are very few musical feats that Dave hasn’t conquered in his 40-plus year career as a professional jazz musician, Dave broached new territory with As We Are, blending a more traditional small jazz ensemble with the ethereal aesthetics of a classical string quartet.
Jan 07, 2022
One of the most important and common rhythm guitar methods and strumming patterns utilized in the bluegrass genre is known as the Boom Chuck. This Boom Chuck strumming sequence is designed to emulate the rhythmic parts of both the upright bass and mandolin players within a traditional bluegrass ensemble.
Jan 06, 2022
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