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Instruments > World Percussion > Percussion with Luis Conte

with Luis Conte

Luis Conte has created an extensive repository of world percussion lessons. Students in the percussion course have unlimited access to a collection of guided, high quality percussion lessons and an extensive library of play-along tracks.

 Latin percussion styles  Soloing exercises

Luis Conte

What You'll Learn

This lesson library contains everything you need to improve your percussion skills. You'll receive top quality latin percussion lessons from beginner to advanced skill levels. Learn at your own pace and connect with a worldwide community of music lovers to discuss your progress. This is the only place online to access percussion mastery of this level.

Top Quality Percussion Lessons

  • 100s of percussion lessons at your own pace
  • All levels and styles of playing welcome
  • Slow Motion & Looping on videos

About Luis Conte

Grammy®-winning Cuban musician Luis Conte is one of the most respected and prolific percussionists in contemporary music. Known for flawless technique and an unparalleled ability to seamlessly incorporate Latin percussion and world drumming into popular music, Conte’s resume includes Madonna, James Taylor, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton and Ray Charles among many others. He is a master of percussion instruments such as the cajon, congas, timbales, bongos, clave, cowbell, shakers, maracas, pandeiros, and guiro. In addition to Latin and World rhythms, Luis teaches Hip-Hop, Electronica, Jazz, Reggae and many other styles. ArtistWorks opened the world percussion lesson library in 2012.

Latin Percussion Lessons

 Basic Percussion

  • Introduction to Basic Level Percussion
  • Conga Posture
  • Tuning the Congas
  • Hand Position
  • Conga - Different Types of Sound
  • Conga - Heel / Toe Exercise
  • Intro to Clave
  • Son Clave
  • Clave on Congas
  • Basic Tumbao
  • Tumbao Variations
  • Combining Tumbao Variations
  • Single Strokes
  • Triplet Exercise 1
  • Triplet Exercise 2
  • Double Strokes
  • Bongo Posture
  • Tuning the Bongos
  • Bongo Hand Positions
  • Bongo Exercises
  • Basic Martillo
  • Timbales Posture
  • Timbales - Set Up & Tuning
  • Timbales - Stick Holding
  • Timbales - Old and New Style
  • Timbales - Basic Cha-Cha
  • Timbales - Cha-Cha Variation
  • Timbales - Abanico
  • Timbales - Cha-Cha Exercise
  • Guiro - Types of Sounds
  • Guiro - Patterns
  • Guiro - Exercise
  • Maracas - Types of Sounds
  • Maracas - Patterns
  • How to Hold the Shekere
  • Shekere - Pattern 1 & 2
  • Shaker Types
  • Shaker - Clave Patterns
  • Tambourine - Types & Sounds
  • Tambourine Patterns - Shuffle
  • Tambourine Patterns - 16th Note & Variations
  • Cajon - Types of Sounds
  • Cajon - Rumba Flamenca & 6/8
  • Cajon - Pop Groove
  • Placement - Video Exchange Archive
  • Miscellaneous - Video Exchange Archive

+ Intermediate Percussion

+ Advanced Percussion

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