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Instruments > Voice > Country Vocals with Lari White

Country Vocals
with Lari White

Lari White captured her Grammy-winning sound in this rich legacy archive of country singing lessons. Students have unlimited access to hundreds of video lessons, backing tracks, vocal training exercises and more. Learn how to sing from the late country artist.

 Tons of vocal warm ups  Yodel & bending lessons

 Live performance tips  Body exercises for singers

What You'll Learn

What makes these country singing lessons truly unique is that this is the only place online preserving the mastery and teaching legacy of the late country artist through the library of videos submitted by students using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning® platform. Lari reviewed each submission and recorded a video response, offering specific guidance to the student to take their singing to the next level. All students can access the Video Exchange library and watch these interactions with Lari. This comprehensive archive combined with a library of guided, high quality video lessons, may contain the key to unlock your potential.

About Lari White

Industry veteran Lari White forged a wide-ranging career as a Grammy-winning recording artist, hit songwriter and history-making record producer. After earning an RIAA Gold album as a country artist, she became the first female producer of a male superstar, with Toby Keith’s platinum album White Trash with Money. Her Nashville recording studio, The Holler, was a favorite creative home for songwriters and musicians of all musical genres. Before her passing in January 2018, she starred on Broadway in the Johnny Cash Musical: Ring Of Fire, and had sung with numerous major symphonies. Lari taught with ArtistWorks from 2016 until her passing.

Country Singing Lessons

Level 1

Welcome and Introduction
Everybody Sings
Get Ready to Sing
Keep It Simple
Submit a Video - Hymns
The Whole Singer
Body - Hidden Treasure
Body - A Healthy Body
Body - Core Strength - Diagram of the Breathing System
Body - Core Strength - Crunches
Body - Core Strength - Glute Bridges
Body - Core Strength - V-Pass
Body - Core Strength - Bridge and Heel Dig
Body - Core Strength - Plank and Shoulder Taps
Body - Core Strength - Squats
Why Warm Up?
Vocal Warm Up Activities - Introduction
Vocal Warm Ups - Mountain Pose, Neck Rolls, Toe Touch & Roll Up
Vocal Warm Ups - The Yawner
Vocal Warm Ups - Lion Face / Tongue Stretch
Vocal Warm Ups - Hmmmm… Sweeps & Scales
Vocal Warm Ups - HA! Engage Your Diaphragm
Vocal Warm Ups - Blubber Lips
Vocal Warm Ups - HA! HA! HA!
Vocal Warm Ups - Tongue Trills
Vocal Warm Ups - Jaw Looseners
Vocal Warm Ups - Vowel Scales
Vocal Warm Ups - Consonant Articulations
Vocal Warmups: "Ng" Scales
Vocal Warm Ups - Tongue Twisters
Vocal Warm Ups - Intervals & Runs
Mind - The Thinking Singer
Speaking The Language of Music - Vocabulary
Piano 101
Introduction to the Nashville Number System
Singing Scales
Range & Register - Introduction
Finding The Right Key
Chords & Intervals - Major Triads
Chords & Intervals - Minor Triads
Chords & Intervals - 7th Chords
Chords & Intervals - Suspensions
Chords & Intervals - Extensions
Ear Training - Intervals
Ear Training - Notating Rhythm & Meter
Ear Training - Notating Pitch
Spirit - Vulnerability
“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”
Building a Warm Up Routine
Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Introduction
Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Breathing Exercise
Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Forward Fold
Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Downward Facing Dog
Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Upward Facing Dog
Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Child's Pose
Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Mountain Pose
Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Tree Pose
Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Flow Series
Your Personal Practice Routine
Congratulations - Level 1 Completed

Level 2

Steal from the Best
The Trio Album and The Highwaymen
What is Country?
Pitch Exercise: Mock Me
Pitch Exercise: Practicing with a Tuner
Phrasing & Diction
Submit a Video - Phrasing, Diction & Tone
Singing Harmony
Singers Tool Belt
Straight Tone Exercise - Key of C
Straight Tone Exercise - Key of A
Vibrato - Introduction
Vibrato Exercise - Key of C
Vibrato Exercise - Key of G
Messa di Voce
Messa di Voce Exercise
Defining Vocal Register: Chest and Head Voice
Working in Modal
Working in Modal - Resonance Exercise
Chest Voice Resonance - “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”
Head Voice Resonance - “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”
Yodels & Cries
Bends & Scoops
Submit a Video - Yodeling, Bends & Scoops
Riffs & Licks
Riff Exercise - “Lead Me Not”
The Basement - Singing in Low Register
The Stratosphere - Singing in High Register
The Power Belt
The Power Belt Exercise
Nashville Number System - “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”
Nashville Number System - “Amazing Grace”
Submit a Video - Sing a Song of Your Choice
Congratulations - Level 2 Completed

Level 3

Interpreting a Lyric
Country Star
Working with an Accompanist
Working with Players
Working with Players - Lari and Guthrie - "Love Right"
Working with Players - Lari and Guthrie - "Lay Around and Love on You"
Acting for Singers - Emotional Mechanics of Singing
Acting for Singers - Adding Emotion Exercise
Secrets to Successful Recording - Part 1
Secrets to Successful Recording - Part 2
Secrets to Successful Recording - Part 3
Secrets to Successful Recording - Part 4
Singing Live - Part 1 - Vocal Mics
Singing Live - Part 2 - On Stage Systems
Singing Live - Part 3 - Sacred Space
Congratulations - Level 3 Completed

Level 4

From Singer to Artist - Introduction
The Right Cover
Improvisation - Introduction
“Angel From Montgomery”
Make it Your Business to Know Your Business
Creating a Show

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge - 2017 (Archive)

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