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Attention All Rockers!

Okay Cowboys. Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm and for being early participants in the absolutely awesome Paul Gilbert School of Rock Guitar! We must ask that everyone understand an underlying philosophy and a few "rules of the road" here at PGSG.

Paul and ArtistWorks have worked very hard to foster a supportive, friendly and protected environment for all paying customers to learn Indestructible Guitar from the one and only man that can teach it. Those who choose to send in a video to Paul should feel confident that they will not be criticized, mocked or flamed by fellow students -- those are the rules by the way. Any comments that are unflattering or hurtful to a paying student's playing will be removed immediately. Remember this is not a public forum where anything goes.

Paul is the leader of this fantastic online community and will ensure that the right attitude prevails and that HIS perspective on playing, music theory and general musicianship is taught here only. Please keep in mind this is not a site for other teachers to launch their own instruction or promote their own knowledge or teaching philosophies. Thanks for respecting these boundaries and get out your guitar and start playing!