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August 10th Update - New Content Just Added - Mr. Sun: Live at the Grange in Napa



August 17 update: This is it folks! The finale of Mr. Sun's show is finally here! "Just a Little Lovin'" and "The Traveler's Prayer" are live. Be sure to check out the previous songs in case you haven't already, they're all awesome! 

Darol Anger's Blurgrass quartet, "Mr. Sun" came through the Grange in Napa, and the ArtistWorks production team was there to film it! 12 of the songs out of the set are available under "Special Guests" in +Music. Links below, more to come! Enjoy!


"A Stranger Comes To Town"

"No One Like You"

"Danny Barnes"


"The Likes of You"

"Hunter's Permit"

"The Coal Burnin' Grease Fire"

"The Fiddler of Dooney"

"Breakers' Bakedown"

"Fairwell Trion"

"Never More To Roam"

"Better Git Hit In Your Soul"

"Happy Goose Happy Moose"

"Dry and Dusty"

"Just a Little Lovin'"

"The Traveler's Prayer"