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Bluegrass Vocal Lessons with Michael Daves Now Available

how to sing bluegrass with michael daves - now available!

At last, the wait is over: Bluegrass Vocal Lessons with Michael Daves are now available! For the first time ever online, Michael Daves is presenting his complete method for learning how to sing bluegrass - it's everything you need to know. Want to learn how to sing harmony? This is your chance! 

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The vocal lessons with Michael Daves combine traditional techniques and ear training with a wide variety of famous bluegrass songs to learn by example. For each of the tunes, there are multiple segments for learning each of the different vocal parts: High Lead, High Tenor, Low Lead, Low Tenor, Baritone. 

how to sing bluegrass with michael daves

There's also some other great stuff to check out like sections with special guests, MP3 backing tracks to sing along to, music notation, practice metronome, and more. 

If there's a song you want to learn that is not already included in the lessons, you can always work with Michael directly through Video Exchanges®! 

Check out this video to see more about how these bluegrass vocal lessons work at ArtistWorks:

“I love the process of working individually with students, getting to know their strengths and weaknesses, and helping develop their knowledge and musicianship over time." - Michael Daves


bluegrass vocals launch toast

A toast to Michael Daves from the ArtistWorks office team!