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A Cross-Country Cunningham


In addition to being the host teacher at ArtistWorks' Online Popular Piano School, I'm the Director of Institutional Solutions for Cunningham Piano, a piano company in Philadelphia that has been in business since 1891 (!). One of the wonderful things I've witnessed among my students is that as they grow and improve their musicianship, they start to develop an appreciation for what a good piano can do to improve their playing and development. Mike is one such student - he started working with me on a lovely Kawai digital piano, but when he had an opportunity to "upgrade", he reached out to me for recommendations on an acoustic grand piano. Thanks to my connections with Cunningham Piano, I was able to select a great instrument - a 5'10" Cunningham Parlour Grand - at a great discounted price. 
If anyone else would like to upgrade to a better digital or acoustic piano, be sure to let me know - I'd be more than happy to help you find the instrument of your dreams!