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Essential Jazz Guitar Chords

ArtistWorks is now offering online Jazz Guitar lessons with the legendary musician: Dave Stryker.

Dave covers topics ranging from the beginner to advanced levels, allowing his students to achieve their greatest potential. In the beginner section of Dave Stryker's online course, he teaches students the most essential Jazz Guitar chords -- the chords that any beginner player needs to know. 

Ready to try out these scales (and more) for yourself? Use Dave's Jazz Guitar Chords resource, and see how much you can pick up. 


Ready to go beyond teaching yourself, and take your playing to the next level? Partner with Dave Stryker on ArtistWorks. For as little as $23 a month, you'll get access to hundreds of lessons, study materials, and video exchanges. You'll even be able to submit practice videos for Dave's review. To learn more about becoming a Jazz Guitar student online, go here.

We can't wait to hear you play.