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Fall 2014 Greetings! And LOTW #9 Courtesy of Bill

Hello Jazz Guitarists One & All!

So I am in between tour dates at home for 3 or 4 days and my next tour takes me out to California with Fourplay.

I will be visiting ArtistWorks headquarters while I am there so my next greeting message will be from there. 

So because I usually do my Lick Of The Week in my greeting message, this time I will take a different tack.

Bill aka BBLegrand has been so kind (and industrious!) to transcribe some ideas I recommended to him in a VE and I am posting one of them here as the LOTW.

chuck loeb lick of the week #9

Thanks Bill!!

Please take any part (or all) of this and use it the same way that I recommend always: learn in one position and then try and play it in as many different areas of the neck as you can find.

Also - try applying it to improv on one of the play-along tracks too!

I will be checking in to see how you're doing with it!

Best to all,