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The G4 Experience

g4 paul gilbert

The last time that I saw Joe Satriani was at the Marshall Amps 50th Anniversary Concert. We shared a backstage room, and I took the opportunity to ask him lots of questions about his guitar playing, influences, writing, and music in general.

The more that we talked, the more Joe opened up, and I could tell that he was getting ready to tell me some deep musical secrets... when the door opened, and the production manager said, "It's time for soundcheck!"

At G4, I'm planning to finally discover Joe's secrets, and to enjoy the guitar playing and rock wisdom of Andy Timmons and Mike Keneally.

For those of you who have enjoyed my Great Guitar Escape camps before, The G4 Experience will be similar, except that it's in California. And of course, Joe Satriani adds some mighty guitar-legend power to the event.

I just checked the website, and it looks like Ibanez is giving away a free RG guitar (signed by Joe, Andy, Mike, and myself), to everyone who signs up by January 31st.

More info:

I plan on doing my "Everybody in the entire camp gets up onstage to jam with me" event again. So get your fingers warmed-up, and your inner-melodic generator in-tune. I hope to see you in August at The G4 Experience!

Thank you,