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Happy Holidays!

Greetings, everyone!

I just made what I thought was a really cool video with drum solo ... but the audio went out of sync with the video as soon as I stopped talking and started playing ...! SORRY! But I like the solo so I'm uploading it anyway and will try to figure out what went wrong during the recording process.

That unfortunate glitch aside, it has been an exhilerating few weeks ... let's say a delightful December! Started the month off by working with the Los Angeles Opera in their production of Leonard Bernstiein's "Wonderful Town" music from the early 1950s ... what a great discovery of great music! So much fun to play (especially the "Conga" number) ... also involved with some movie premieres where I did some (or a lot) of the drumming, including "Sing!" (a terrific animated film) and "La La Land," another incredible musical. And ... let's see ... worked on the new Marvel "Wolverine" movie (lots of drumming in that), plus some big band gigs in town (LA) ...

And then I went up to Napa, California to join my ArtistWorks colleages Nathan East, George Whitty and Eric Marienthal for 2 nights at the Blue Note Napa club ... and the music was captured by the ArtistWorks team! We also did a roundtable discussion, boatloads of good infomration there. And followed that by playing two nights at the Blue Whale jazz club in LA with my Dr. Um Band ... celebrating the announcement that my album "Dr. Um" has been nonimated for a Grammy in the Best Jazz Instrumental Performance category. (If you use Spotify, you can check out the album there ...)

And be sure to check out my website for more of the latest music and news ...

Wishing all of you a Swinging Season, with plenty of Funky Festivities and December Drumming Delights.