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Happy July! 3 Note Shifts

Howdy friends!   

Happy July, hope you are having a great summer filled with picking!   

In this new video, we are looking deeper into the left hand 'shift'.   Here's another exercise to help really tone up your moves.  These are meant to be done on one string...up the neck.  If you're new to shifts, this will be a little more than challenging.  If you're not new to them, try them as tripletts with your metronome, ascending and decending. Shifting correctly and effortlessly is one of the biggest hurdles you can overcome to get on your way to smooth sailing.  Spend some time every day working on your form for these moves.  

  Things to remember on your Left Hand:

  •      Thumb rests easily behind the fingerboard- not squeezing
  •      Move thumb with entire hand as you make your shift
  •      Keep thumb opposite your middle finger
  •      Keep your hand open in a 'whole step' shape to help find your next note

 Have a great day! - Missy