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How to Develop Your Vibrato on Cello

Mike Block is back with some stellar tips for beginner Cello players! Mike helps students develop their vibrato skills by introducing new approaches. Experiment with what Mike shows you, and implement what works best for you. 

As Cellist know, different pieces often call for a variety of vibrato syles and colors. Mike will show you several approaches to use, so you can expand your sound and bring more diversity to each piece you play. Here are the three approaches Mike coveres in his new lesson:

1. The Door Knob Approach

2. The Polishing Approach

3. The Wobble Approach (2 variations) 

Using these skills, you'll be able to radically tranform your playing. Mike's students can jump right in to his new lesson here

Interested in joining Mike Block's Cello school (and bringing your playing to the next level)? Click here to learn more. 

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