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Howard Levy Plays Harmonica at the Holiday Party

howard levy at the artistworks holiday party

All the hardworking folks at ArtistWorks were in for a surprise at the annual ArtistWorks Holiday Party. Little did we know (except for the few involved in the planning), we were going to be treated to an appearance from Howard Levy, who suddenly appeared with harmonica in hand and ready to play! He broke into a festive medley of familar Holiday tunes, some of which you can hear in the video below. This was just recorded on the fly with an iPhone, but the music is beautiful. 

After the annual dessert competition (which thankfully is not on film), Howard joined the ArtistWorks crew in the annual Holiday Party Jam (also thankfully not on film). He blew us away on harmonica and piano while we did our best to stay on the same beat. Good times were had by all, and it was truly an honor to jam with someone of Howard's stature. You should have heard him wail on Bungalow Bill!

The next day Howard headed over to the ArtistWorks studio to record some new harmonica lessons for his students. You can see a short clip below where he demonstrates some classic bugle calls on harmonica. It's been over 4 years since we first launched his online school, and we've had a blast every time Howard comes to visit. 

howard levy harmonica lessons