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The Joy of Jazz, captured in a single image

Just returned from the Jazz Cruise;  there’s a few blog posts worth of insight to post from THAT extravaganza.  But I’ll just start with this great pic of Brandon Goldberg, who sat in with a bunch of bands on the cruise and just tore it up.  I was on with the Brecker Brothers Band Reunion, which was a huge blast, and on the very last night, we played the very last show, at 10:30 PM.  Brandon came by and sat in on the first tune, played his *** off, and it was such a kick to watch him play on my gear that I started taking some pics.  This picture, and his totally unbridled joy at burning out on the piano, I think reminded ALL of us on the cruise of the huge fun it is when we first learn to burn improvising on an instrument.  It sure reminded me;  on a good night it STILL feels like this, like the spigot is on, the “fatbergs” are cleared (you’ll have to Google that one, as I don’t even wan to go there on an AW blog post!), and things are flowing with the right kind of energy behind them.  Oh, and there’s one more thing about Brandon Goldberg:


He’s 11.


Dig the picture;  any time I need a reminder of why we play jazz, this one will do it!:



Here's a link to an article I found on him online, too: