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More Exclusive Content from the ArtistWorks Vault

artistworks vault

This is a monthly taste of what ArtistWorks offers, above and beyond our Video Exchange® platform. Like what you see? For a limited time, take 20% off any 3-month or 1-year membership with code VAULT20. Act quick! This special will expire on Sunday, February 21 at midnight PST so click here for a list of all schools!

Bryan Sutton and Martin Taylor - "Napa Swing"

In this rare ArtistWorks Session, we have two of our guitar teachers jamming together on camera. Bryan Sutton may have bluegrass in his soul, but this video proves that when it comes to jazz, he can still hang with the best. Known for his fingerstyle techniques, Martin Taylor reminds us he’s no slouch with a pick either. This is just a taste of the 6 part series they recorded together in the ArtistWorks studio, it was definitely one for the books!

Eric Marienthal and Chuck Loeb - "Puentes"

Long time friends Eric Marienthal and Chuck Loeb gather in the ArtistWorks studio for the first “live” performance of a track from their duo album "Bridges” which they’d recently recorded together. Chuck produced the album himself, and it also features ArtistWorks jazz bass instructor John Patitucci. This is incredibly tasteful playing that only two masters of jazz could pull off so clean, but we would expect nothing less from our teachers.

Mike Marshall and Bryan Sutton - "Cherokee Shuffle"

Bryan Sutton jams with Mike Marshall for this smoking version of “Cherokee Shuffle” - a great old fiddle tune. They trade off on who plays the lead and who plays the rhythm, so there’s some fast picking from both of them as well as great rhythm. This comes from a 6 part series of old tunes that Mike and Bryan recorded together in the ArtistWorks studio - check it out in the +Music area. For exclusive insights on playing this song, be sure to search for “Cherokee Shuffle” in the Video Exchange Library.

Howard Levy and Chris Siebold - "The Steroid Choro"

Here we have Howard Levy playing some fast harmonica with Chris Siebold accompanying him on guitar. This was recorded just down the street from the ArtistWorks studio in Napa, CA when Howard was in town to record some more lessons. The word on the street is that Howard and Chris are recording an album together, so we can only hope they’ll include this tasty treat. It’s their take on Brazilian Choro music, which is characterized by virtuosity, improvisation, and lots of syncopation. There's also more videos from this performance coming soon, so stay tuned!

Jeffrey Khaner and Hugh Sung - "Carnival of the Animals", Voliere

In this short but sweet video, Jeffrey Khaner performs the tenth movement of Saint-Saen’s “Carnival of the Animals” on flute with Hugh Sung accompanying him on piano. Known as “Voliere” which means Aviary, the music depicts the fluttering call of birds through a rapid flute solo that requires great skill to successfully execute. This is an important orchestral excerpt to learn for flute auditions, as it’s a great demonstration of your double tonguing abilities. This is just the performance part of the Jeffrey’s lesson on the piece, which includes analysis of all the things that judges look for in classical audition

Like what you see? For a limited time, take 20% off any 3-month or 1-year membership with code VAULT20. But act quick before this offer goes back into the vault!

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