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Music: The Fountain of Youth

A few weeks ago, I performed at an event honoring my 101 year old piano teacher, Eleanor Sokoloff - who is STILL teaching at The Curtis Institute of Music!, A range of students, current and prior, participated in this lovely concert honoring Mrs. Sokoloff, performing on a gorgeous Boesendorfer piano - the "50,000" model - at the Barnes Museum in Philadelphia. So, for folks who think they're too old to play or learn the piano, I say: balderdash! Mrs. Sokoloff is just one example of so many musicians I've been privileged to know who stayed mentally sharp, active, and creative well into their twilight years. If you're here learning to play for the first time, congratulations! You may have just discovered the secret to the "fountain of youth" to keep your mind healthy and happy! Click here to read the article covering this wonderful event.