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NAMM Saturday

The NAMM show is a great place to see friends from the music business. Today I saw Steve Morse, Allan Holdsworth, Uli Roth, and Nuno Bettencourt. I stopped by the Ernie Ball Booth to sign autographs, visited Ibanez to see my new guitar again, went to Larry DiMarzio's hotel suite to escape the din of NAMM for a few minutes, and then jumped back into the chaos to do some jamming with my fellow Artistworks teachers, Jeannie Deva and Howard Levy.

Jeannie, Howard, and I jumped right into a blues jam, and I was blown away at how great both of them are. We had some musical "conversations" where I would play a phrase, and then let them respond to it. Both Jeannie and Howard could copy and embellish anything that I played. They are amazing players, and also fantastic listeners.

After three days of the NAMM show, I am truly exhausted! I celebrated tonight with a good Japanese dinner, and am looking forward to some sleep and recovering on Sunday. I'll be back here next week, to listen to new Video Exchanges and see how everyone is doing.

Thank you,