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New Advanced Country Guitar Lesson Just Added!

Continuing to expand the teaching on his advanced solo building concepts and methods, Guthrie now takes you through his ideas for soloing in the key of C. In this new lesson Guthrie rips through freestyle improvised solos over the different feels of the shuffle beat and train beat tracks. He then analyzes each performance taking it apart and deconstructing his musical choices and unlocking the process for you. We've included complete tablature for both full performances and the lesson is complete with 6 backing tracks covering multiple tempos to help you work up your own solos at a comfortable speed. Don't forget you can adjust the speed of the video player on any lesson, it pitch-corrects to preserve the original key so you can play along with playthroughs at 50% or 75% speed (or speed them up if you've done your finger stretches!)

The new lesson can be found in the Advanced lessons right after the key of G or to go straight there now, Click here. Happy picking!