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New CDs

I've put out 3 CD's in the past 4 months. The last time I did anything like that was in 2009 when I put out "Alone and Together", "Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica and Orchestra"and "Time Capsules" within a few months of each other. The new CDs are "From the Vaults, Vol.1- Harmonica Jazz", a reissue of my first ever album from 1987, "Art+Adrenaline", a duo CD with guitarist Chris Siebold, and "From the Vaults, Vol. 2- The NBV Quintet, 1980- 1983, previously unreleased original Jazz with me on piano. I am extremely proud of all three. You can check them out at, Itunes, etc.  

And From the Vaults, Vol. 3 is coming in a few months. It's a 1983 concert recording with the fantastic mandolinist Jethro Burns that I found in my attic. Meanwhile, I've started composing my next concerto and started a new band (The Howard Levy 4- look us up on youtube)

Coming up are more shows with Chris Siebold, The Howard Levy 4, The Flecktones, another tour of Europe in the Fall with Samo Salamon, and much more. Pleas stay in touch, and I always look forward to your videos. 
Wishing you all a great 2019, and hoping that the love of music helps carry all of us through these crazy and unpredictable times.

All the best,