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New Lessons: Fiddle with Darol Anger

ArtistWorks is proud to announce that new lessons have been added to the Fiddle School for your enjoyment! Dive right in by clicking on the links below. 

Wrist on Counter Exercise

In this new beginner lesson, Darol teaches a very practical way to lock in the muscle memory of good arm posture while practicing. You can try this trick out with any of the exercises or tunes you're working on.

Fourth Finger Exercises

This lesson teaches the pinky workout exercise Darol was practicing with in the Wrist on Counter lesson. This is really helpful for building strength and dexterity in the fourth finger of the left hand and you can build up your speed incrementally to really take it to the next level.

Mr. Sun Live at the Grange Hall in Napa, CA

"A Stranger Comes to Town"

"No One Like You"

Darol came through the Napa Valley in March with his fantastic 4 piece ensemble Mr. Sun and we are happy to bring you the exclusive live footage we captured with a multi-camera shoot. Mr. Sun, as described on their website: Legendary fiddler Darol Anger is at home in a number of musical genres, some of which he helped to invent, and is a member of the original "nuclear" generation of pickers who extended Bluegrass, Jazz, and Classical music to find their common ground; Mr Sun is the latest iteration in that legacy. Joe K. Walsh is one of the foremost contemporary mandolinists, with 4 award-winning years in the Gibson Brothers 2 solo recordings, and a Berklee professorship. Grant Gordy is a standout in the crowded field of Acoustic Guitar Wunderkinds. Grant's work was quickly recognized for its kaleidoscopic excellence and startling emotion, fusing Jazz and Bluegrass concepts to an unprecedented degree. The group recently added the masterful bassist Aidan O'Donnell, a Brooklyn, New York (by way of Scotland) jazz veteran. ----- We'll be adding more parts to this area regularly so check back often for new tune performances.