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New Mandolin Lessons on the Circle of 5ths

circle of 5ths wikiHere's a new 7-part mandolin lesson on using the Circle of 5ths. Mike breaks down the logic of how to use the circle of 5ths for mandolin and how to find common patterns to use and gives you some new ways to work out relationships between keys. He's also put together 2-5-1 patterns for every key around the circle, giving you an expansive way to practice and familiarize these concepts. There are useful diagrams attached to the lesson page for you to print out and use in your own practice spaces. 

This is also a new VE category, so feel free to submit your 2-5-1 and Circle of 5th related questions and performances directly to the topic now. Find it in the Additional Lessons & More sections of the lessons! 

circle of 5ths mandolin lessons