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Paul Gilbert's Power Tools

Paul Gilbert's Power Tools
Have you ever considered signing up for Guitar Lessons, but the words “school” and “class” make you stop dead in your tracks? How mundane, you might think, the idea of a “curriculum” makes you refer back to your adolescence when all you wanted to do was jam with your buddies after class in your best friends garage. What if we told you that at ArtistWorks, there is a little bit of everything in these lessons that we offer. That you could learn about tone, intonation, Guitar Tabs, and technique with a hint of jam improvisation and shreddy licks peppered in. That our master musicians, like the great Paul Gilbert himself, want to take some time out from the “curriculum” and just show you how to be plain old rock-n-roll?

Introducing: Paul Gilbert’s Power Tools; an entire new video section that will have you feeling more confident and masterful in your guitar playing than ever before. This collection is a special addition that was added to Rock Guitar with Paul Gilbert archive on the ArtistWorks website on February 1, 2019. Each guitar lesson, unique and complete with full tablature, focuses on original, hand-crafted Paul Gilbert licks, which aim to provide simple, yet POWERFUL solutions to improve your technique and impress your friends. What better way to learn a new instrument and overcome your guitar challenges than by learning these tasty licks that will undoubtedly take your playing to the next level.

“These lessons will expand your control of the instrument, and transform the way that you feel and hear your guitar.” - Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert’s Power Tools is composed of 22 shreddy lessons categorized according to skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and are easy to navigate within the school. This feature is available for any student of Paul Gilbert (3 month, 6 month, and 12 month) throughout the course of their ArtistWorks membership.

 So there you have it folks, these are Paul Gilbert’s Power Tools! Join us today, or tune in when you can, to expand your rock-n-roll utility belt with these new set of power tools. Whether you are an advanced player or are seeking guitar lessons for beginners, try our Free Sample Lessons and get a taste for what Paul can do for your playing. Because why play scales when you can shred like the master himself! Rock-n-Roll!

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